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Poet of the Day : Sumi Kapahera

Sumi Kapahera   |   Tuesday, 29 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Sumi Kapahera

Sumi Kapahera


Sumi Kapahera

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28th June 2021



In a morning there ‘s hidden the destiny of a day and night
So in the past there ‘s hidden the miracle of present and future life.
I can’t recover my past when it’s gone, but I think it as the foundation of my today
And today is the mirror of my future.
The future tells me that there is a heritage of love for me
Already all the good stars have met together and made my horoscope very fortunate.
My future tells me that I ‘m in love with a good man,
My future tells me that I’m in marriage with a kindhearted man,
My future tells me that I ‘ll be a good woman and mother,
And my future tells me that I’ll be a great grandmother of a few beautiful grandchildren!!
But the departed souls of my forefathers always remind me that all are vain.
For the future isn’t belong to itself like today and yesterday!
It betrays all living beings, because our destiny is uncertain.
There is no way to know about it.
They tell me that the nature and those stars remain the same, but my future never remain as always.
So my heritage isn’t permanent.
On that night I discover my future,
And for me that ‘s like a broken night , a nightmare and an illusion.
My future ‘ll focus only a mirage!!

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