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Daily Selected Poems: Klea Durres

Klea Durres   |   Monday, 01 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Klea Durres

Klea Durres

I convinced my heart!

Heartbeat starts the marathon!
From the armor, he wants to get out!
Like that bird from an hour the wall pulls its head out!
This time as it is, I will forgive him!
With the clock tick beats and pulse!
And the heart as if you measure this race!
But scared is at the bottom of the well!
He wants to challenge you, why did you kill him!
You can’t play easily with the heart!
Listen to what you think!
Maybe this time it’s not to blame!
He talks about what he commands!
The command is given to her by the brain!
The eye is hard and sludge!
Blood through the veins of the heart!
But the lips tremble are embarrassed!
Heart can be sflet, no mouth!
Even though it has been put in the race!
Even though you challenge whoever you want!
Nobody understands what they do!
I wish this time, the heart could win!
This marathon full of challenges!
I give her right when she defeats fear!
I will not abandon him, but I convinced him!
Copyright@Prf Manushaqe Ismailaj
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Posted 5:32 pm | Monday, 01 November 2021 |

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