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Global Poet : Arundhati Mukherjee

Arundhati Mukherjee   |   Wednesday, 23 June 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Arundhati Mukherjee

Arundhati Mukherjee

Poet Arundhati Mukherjee of India

Arundhati Mukherjee is an engineer by profession and a writer, author, blogger, poet and singer. She is Deputy Chief Engineer in a Thermal Power plant. She loves writing on science and spirituality while she writes in Speaking Tree, a Times of India initiative, and author in e-magazines like Pragyata, Thrive Global and Sivana East. She is a self-published author with Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon. She has published some e-books available on Amazon. Her paperback poetry book “Bohemians Rhapsody: A Travellers Musings ThroughThe Journey Of Life.” has been published by Evincepub publishing and available in e-book format and the paperback world over in various platforms Amazon, Flipkart etc. She has co-authored some national anthologies, “Rhythms of love”, “Always and Forever” and “The Journey of Soul Mates”, & the International anthology “Metamorphosis”. Her next poetry book, “The Awakening”, is in the process which will be published very soon.

She is an active member of the worlds most active writers forum, Motivational Strips and other international platforms. She has won several awards on various platforms for poetry, and her poetries have been published in many international e-magazines.

List of Books Published & available in Amazon

  1. Bohemians Rhapsody: A Travellers Musingsin The Journey Of Life
  2. Rainbow: Colour of Feelings( Short Poetry book)
  3. Transformation: The Thirst and the way
  4. The Green Village In The Snow: The Rejuvenation
  5. The Light Within The Search
  6. Nature Rejoices: In Independence or Dependence.

Some of the links to her published works as an Author in e-magazines



Poetry by Arundhati Mukherjee




When the dry parched earth,

yearn to quench the thirst,

cumulus clouds gather ,

thunder shakes the firmament,

streaks of lightning flashes in the welkin,

drizzling drops cools the earth,

earthy aroma petrichor, fills the aerosphere,

creatures invigorated by the soaked ambience.

The chataka, rain bird spotted in tree,

rejoice and quenches thirst with open beaks.

As monsoon brings much needed respite,

from blistering heat , birdies flock in delight.

Terrestrial, arborial birds migrate to green expanse,

as avifauna experts sights birds,

of variety flocking for nesting and breeding.

Variety of cuckoo migrate in rainy season,

chirping joyously, hopping around, creates vibrancy.

The pitter patter on my window panes,

The moringa tree near my bed side window,

lush green drenched and bingo, a small birdie,

peeps through the nest, searching for her mother,

who has gone in quest for perhaps insects,

for feeding the little ones, waiting keenly.

My eyes feast at the sight of green,

from my balcony, as rain creates magic,

in earth and trees, with grasses green.

Nature rejoices and rejuvenates,

drenching earth, quenching thirst,

a lovers delight, the viridescent sight.

In the verdant morn, when sun is gone,

shades of dark clouds, canopies the welkin,

the magical drizzle, raises thousands ripple,

in my heart so drenched with the mystical mizzle.

Rain O rain you are harbinger of joy,

bathe the nature,cleanse the dirt and let all enjoy,

a verdant land, verdurous grasses enveloping the hills,

lush trees, with nests and birdies,

chirping with mirth, in gusty winds & misty morn.

Let human heart be cleansed and purified,

in a rainy morn, so they confide in monsoon delight.





It was a stormy morning,

a raging tempest alfresco,

a seething gale in minds wilderness.

I sat meditating in the green balcony,

as was my morning routine.

Gusty winds on my face,

but I held on assuming myself effaced,

in the grand design of the creator.

Dark clouds shrouded the welkin,

miasma in inner sky blurred insight.

Thundering, lightning bolts without,

Engraved words surfaced in mind within,

knocking, pounding heart inside.

It started drizzling then raining.

Outwards effected inwards.

My soul expanded, till it traversed outside,

Mingled and dissolved in the clouds,

dissolved in the gusty winds, in rain,

till I became all the same.

I dissolved in nature, in drenched trees, grass,


I the cloud, floating, raining,

I the storm, blowing,

I the tree, enjoying the swaying, the drenching drops.

I the grass, the parched earth, soaked in eternal blessings of shower.

I the birdie, fluttering wet wings, chirping joyously,

I the rain, drenching and soaking the earth and creatures, rejuvenating.

I enjoyed the dance of nature,

as I resonated with the music of creator,

I mingled and dissolved, being one with all.

Love encompassed me in soothing enfold.

I tasted divine elixir that drenched me completely,

I was in flow as time ceased, moment stalled,

in rapture and ecstasy engrossed in divine grace






In calm dark silent night, rise bright lone moon,

as my only consort, wise bright lone moon.

The boughs of the tree, stretches out for thee,

O my delight comes arise, bright lone moon.

I yearn for drop of elixir from thee,

Come quench my heart, and surprise, bright lone moon.

In the tranquil shade, I rest, wait for thee,

the breeze waft in sombre eyes, bright lone moon.

“Arundhati” I look for thee in night,

as my heart throbs in love sighs, bright lone moon.


Radif: bright lone moon

Qaafiyaa:ise(pronounced) and rhymed

Takhallus: “Arundhati “( The nakshatra Or star) seen as a sacred symbol of love for the couple. As twin star Vasistha and arundhati are always together.

Behr: 10syllables in each line.





In the depth of stillness,

concealed covertly is the conceivable brilliance.

The seed sprouts surreptitiously,

the dawn breaks in calmly,

the embryo matures silently,

the earth revolves quietly.

The cyclone develops silently,

the moon changes phases placidly,

the sun reflects in a tranquil lake,

great thoughts arise in calmness where no waves awake.

In silence is depth,

in silence is strength,

in silence is health,

in silence is minds wealth.

in silence mind is still,

in silence feel tranquil.

In the hurly burly of life,

find moments in strife,

to calm your mind and let it shine,

with light divine.



A ballade is a form of lyric poetry that originated in medieval France. Ballades follow a strict rhyme scheme (“ababbcbc”), and typically have three eight-line stanzas followed by a shorter four-line stanza called an envoi. The last line of each stanza—the refrain—is always the same.

The stanzas of a typical ballade follow the rhyme scheme “ababbcbC,” where C is the refrain. The rhyme scheme for the four-line concluding stanza, known as the envoi, is “bcbC,” where C is again the refrain. It follows iambic pentameter or any fixed meter throughout. It may be 8 or 10 syllables per line.



(Rhyming scheme ababbcbC for three stanzas of 8line each and last stanza of four lines “bcbC” with 10 syllables in each line. 28lines poetry)


Apart from romancing with love partner

have you ever romanced with nature once?

In the garden or in the green corner,

of house, don’t you feel the joy of romance?

when you have the eyes to perceive perchance,

you will adore the love for nature sure,

as viridescent texture at a glance,

evokes verdant vibes, emotions for sure.

The azure sky and wafting breeze garner,

fresh energy to renew life, give peace,

the serene dawn, the chirping birds further,

enhance the enchantment of pure romance.

As the full moonlit night educe romance,

we rejoice in natures pleasure for sure.

Fragrance of rose makes us fall in to trance,

evokes verdant vibes, emotions for sure.

The clouds of different hues play, harbour,

feelings of variety shades perchance,

enliven and stir emotions further,

some white some dark passes by and romance.

The thundering, the lightning play and dance,

raindrops drizzle then pour down and ensure,

drenching our soul, moods of monsoon enhance,

evokes verdant vibes, emotions for sure.

The beauty of five elements enhance,

when we romance with five senses and cure,

all our ailments, as nature not by chance,

evokes verdant vibes, emotions for sure.






Nothing in this life is permanent,

Of all the wealth we accumulate,

Though we are attached to all ephemeral,

Hours pass by without reflecting on empyreal,

In this sojourn of life, we are in quest for happiness.

No matter what, we are always busy in worldly matters,

Gathering trinkets of joy when the gold mine is so nigh,

Nothing brings clarity in our obscure mind.

Emerging from nothingness we merge into emptiness,

So with sagacity look at life, and secret will be revealed,

Sail on the boat of faith with alacrity, in Nothingness, you will find blissful fullness.




My essence is rainbow coloured,

hues of emotions paints ,

my life portrait .

My minds brush picks up the colours,

from five pastels, and paints,

the events and circumstances.

Some effervescent , some flat.

some adventurous, some romantic,

in the canvas of life.

I splash the pure colour of my soul,

in my poetry, my art, my paintings,

and dissolve in it.

The dissolution, gives rise to expression,

of souls yearnings and thus sublimation.

My minds eye perceive the soul,

through my expression,

and unveils it self, to reflect,

the colour of my soul.


Copyright @ Arundhati Mukherjee



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