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Global Poet : Tandra Mishra

Tandra Mishra   |   Saturday, 17 July 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Tandra Mishra

Tandra Mishra

Poet Tandra Mishra of India


Tandra Mishra is a writer, poetess and essayist. She is a bilingual writer, writes in Bengali as well as in English. She completed her graduation with English honours and also post-graduation in English. She got her first national certificate from Delhi in 2005.
She has been awarded many online international recognition from the online international writers’ forum. Recently her one Bengali poem about women has been published in the 1st compilation of Sahitya Sinchan, a Bengali writers’ forum. A Bengali poem of hers named ‘Baba, kothai gele pabo tomay?’ has been selected for the publication of Voice literary organization’s 2nd ‘Sarodiya Patrika 1428’, and her many English poems have been pinned on the websites of Voice literary group’s page.
She lives in Raiganj, West Bengal, the eastern part of India. She is a social worker too and she mostly works for the empowerment of women in need. She has been an active member of the Global Poet and Poetry and Shikor portals.



Poetry by Tandra Mishra


‘A sonnet on a Mighty man, a father’


A soul with pure elements moved with grace,
A heavy body with mighty arms and heart,
Always showed others how hard is that,
Knew never to be sad, always welcomed happiness.

The heart was pure, full of kindness,
But no one could able to meet the soft part,
Always took him as a person could be hurt,
But they mistook him everytime when they would pass.

He was much brave and a positive thinker,
Never allowed negativity in his yards,
He didn’t know to the unjust how to surrender,
So he could show how braveheart he was!
And with a childlike heart, he was also a father,
Though no more, but now will live with this verse.


Better in Imagination


Sometimes, I like to remain in imagination only.
For the reality is too harsh and too hard for any.

Taking the bribe and running after it always, called reality.
To be greedy in others wealth is motto practically.

Showing ego, false beauty and all kinds of nudity considered high in demand.
Breaking the law, breaking nature is high in trend.

To stay away from all this nudity shows your inability.
Making you feel very old, ancient and not suitable for modernity.

Sometimes a clean surroundings and a pure mind make me
feel very hurting, uncomfy.

Better to stay away from all this false beauty,
remaining alone with own value, dream and
not taking things personally.


Frustrated by Overwork


The sea waves come to me crawlingly and creepingly.
I asked him about his health very kindly.

He answered his head noddingly,
‘Not well’, and said, ‘it is for the storms flipping him constantly’.

He needs rest and likes to store energy for future.
The strong wind and the thunderstorm, all his energy dragger.

Making him bound work throughout the nights and days,
Without the proper wages and rest without any grace.

Like the workers and the growing labours,
Are always working under pressures

Now I get why some scientists say,
the world might be ended by flowing the bay.

I told him not to be disheartened, not to worry.
The world is inviting its own end in a hurry.


Not fatherless, I am


One year passed I didn’t hear your voice.
Nor see your smile, your face, full of innocence.
Whenever I enter your room, I feel your existence.
Not bodily but conceptually, I guess.

I still see your shoes and keep them aside, making them clean.
I forget every time you left us one year ago
by knocking.

I adore you, father, and wanted to tell you something,
But you left like a king,
I will never forget,father, that night,
You felt pain in your chest right.

And drank water from my hand,
To show nothing has happened.
And told us not to worry,
Just to stop me from making any hurry.

But you didn’t say you are leaving,
As you didn’t like crying,
You had a plan to leave us in the midst of us
And that you did.
You had a wish to live on your own, and that you did.

You were a king by heart and so proved in your last minute.
I don’t know your birth moment, but as you lived and left, look like you knew all limit.

And now you are sitting at the feet of Lord Shiva and flowering Him,
I know.
And here I am waiting for that moment to join you to do s


Oh, Farmer!


O Farmer, you are always in a hurry.
Come, sit, let’s talk some when you are weary.

You are a digger of the earth and work so hard.
You are often praised for your connection with mud.
You are the food grower and making the people stronger.
Your hard work brings fruits with new life starter.

But, today have a talk with you.
Have you forgotten why everyone praises you?
When you use harmful chemicals like nitrates and urea,
What happens with the food, do you have any idea?

It kills the nutrition value of the food,
And make poisonous from the root.
Then it creates skin cancer and diabetes,
And so the people are dying at an early age.

People, children and mom-to-be believe you,
Trust you for life saving property you produce.
Don’t pollute it with poisonous elements.
Just being greedy and with the hope of production huge.

Country’s future is at the hand of Many brilliants,
Whose mind and energy source are at your hands.
So at the core country depends on you, at your presentation.
So, save the people, o farmer, save the country, save your nation.


The moon’s whispering


The moon was tilting slowly, whispering,
Giving me symbol of ending something

I was observing it from far away.
I couldn’t restrict it to run away.
‘Cause it had only tendency to set in.
The stories I had heard in the childhood now looks like ruin.

It has no other way of living,
It knows only to decline.
The moon is slowly passing by,
Knocking me the reality to realize with sigh.

Shaking me to come out from the false dream,
Reality is harsh, to accept it in that realm.
Not to dream, not to fancy anymore,
Just to accept the fact with heart-core.

But my mind is very fanciful,
It can’t stop dreaming in any rule.
Now it starts thinking for a new sun,
And a new full moon, just to save my mind from heartburn.


Copyright@Tandra Mishra

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Posted 11:13 am | Saturday, 17 July 2021

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