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Weekly Selected Poems: Jeannie Ashton

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Weekly Selected Poems: Jeannie Ashton

Jeannie Ashton

 No Longer Yours

You can’t take from me, what’s not yours
I’m not now and never will be, yours!
You want another trophy on your shelf
my heart not a book its a piece of myself
You can not break what is already broken
I’m already in pieces I won’t be a love token
what good is a tiny piece of what you tore
of what once was, but never will be any more
With each tiny broken piece of my heart
comes with a time of my life now apart
But just like a box of covered chocolates
you never know what piece you will get
Don’t try to eat what you cannot chew
no part of me will ever be edible to you
What your eyes see before you now
is not always the picture underneath
Some pictures have been touched up
some rare paintings are untouchable
I’m an untouchable
No touching up can remove
what is originally underneath
The first bit of paint will always
stay hidden forever out of sight
but it’s always right there
looking right back at you
Have you ever tried to erase a memory
impossible because it’s always there
Lurking In the back of your mind
waiting to come back to remind you
I’m just a picture hanging in your mind
the gallery it should be hanging in
no longer exists
So instead of trying to steal this picture
go and try to paint a new one
But what you paint in future
will always be a copy
and can never be
I’m an original
and I’m
Copyright@Jeannie Ashton
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