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Daily Selected Poems : Silvana Cekici Rodi

Silvana Cekici Rodi   |   Friday, 16 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Silvana Cekici Rodi

Silvana Cekici Rodi

Winds of life


I love the winds blowing in life
They make me dream
Spring breeze cuddles me
Flower petals distribute, their scent is felt everywhere
For the south wind that eyes weep
The whispers of the soul become clouds
Distributed horizon without sides
The cold winds of the north
Where the cheeks red, lips dry from the quail
A cold sound has taken the escape
The winds of life have no time, they always blow
It’s storms, futures, cyclone hurricanes, typhoons.
You face the streets, oceans, mountains, fields, infinite sky
To clash with all their strength,
You fall… but you find strength and rise again
You try to win the challenges with the inner energy that the soul generates
Winds are movement… experiments life’s paths
Their power penetrates every heart
Winds blow over the mills of life
Their power illuminates every darkness
Author Silvana Çekiçi Rodi


Copyright@ Silvana Çekiçi Rodi

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Posted 2:28 pm | Friday, 16 July 2021

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