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Poetry Chellange: Narrative Poetry

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Poetry Chellange: Narrative Poetry

Poetry Challenge on Narrative Poetry


We heartily congratulate the winners of the Weekly Challenge, we have read some excellent verses, and it wasn’t easy to choose the best ones among them. We have finalised three winners of the contest awardees.

The Winners are:


Bijayananda Mishra




Ever one notice;
The lush green meadows
With the profusion of tiny flowers,
Permeating fragrance n freshness,
Loved to sleep on green velvet,
In night alone looking dark sky,
Entire sky free of cloud moonlit,
Impress as a chandelier twinkle bright,
The dews in grass glow as stardust,
Gentle breeze steals heart-cool,
Quietude is nature’s bride,
Allure entraps one in a bridal dress?
Ever one on boat,
The day is bright sunshine,
On placid lakeshores are missing,
Gentle waves glisten in the light,
Color blue lake as silver plate,
Birds fly in flock freedom unravels,
The wind in solitude a time prevails,
The white sails flutter sweet n swell,
The quietude is a bride of nature,
The white scarf flies heart in enrapture,
The Chamber of Mind
Ever a soul discovers;
An evening near graveyard alone,
Cattle graze in field unaware roam,
Birds chirp noisily on trees busy in life,
The canvas in silence whispers strike,
Feelings, emotion, passion, desire fades,
The detachment of lust luxury dreams,
Often mind enters a chamber tranquil,
Time watches on life feel calm introvert,
Quietude is a message transience alert,
A patient nightlong fight for life on the bed,
A hospital doctors staff alert on med,
Time creeps, cruel fast an hour to the minute,
The silence hopes in eyes prayer-cool,
The patient lie motionless, cast quietude,
The smiles of a mother with infinite joy,
The baby kisses hugs in laughter enjoy,
Unique in the world in all living beings,
Mother’s love unparallel natures string,
Alone a mother n child in arms tight,
Quietude amazes peace in duo a sight,
Care incomparable mothers caress,
Quietude notices baby soon sleeps,
Humanity at Eons Crossroad;
Ever know cells of corona care;
Confines human spirit freedom clipped,
Frame n mind under cover hope eclipsed,
The silence of mind thoughts never dare past,
Every hour wait to pass quietly in overcast,
Quietude incarnate to fear in lonely homes,
Darkest lane highways mall empty n warns,
Never known fear quietude hunts life globe,
Melancholic song of soul perish young sob,
O’ quietude incarnated here in dual planet,
Everything that is born destines to be liquidated,
Once your tranquility a shadow of sadness,
Will fade on the day dawn will break in wellness,
Health happiness busy life will gain dust,
Quietude will hide in a pacific trench not lost,
A decade passes earth revolute Sun in ten,
Temperature rise high dry lakes well sunken,
The river turns dry sand bed rain erratic in a flurry,
Green cover shrink swift desolations a worry,
Nature used corona to quietude a message crisp,
Crossroad on human life quietude will frisk,
Every problem inherit a path to solve easy,
The human future waits for a magical turn rosy,
Safe life golden time crowds fade care nature,
Quietude shed avatar of fear in mind a cure,
The treasure of nature will return in splendor,
Quietude become bride again
Incredibly trap a heart to enamor.
Pen: Bijayananda Mishra
Title of Poem: Quietude
Theme: Purpose of Life.
Copywrite@Bijayananda Mishra



Arundhati Mukherjee


Treasures of the heart

In the maze of life,
through peaks and valleys,
FLOW incessantly like a brook,
splashing and dancing in rhythmic rapture,
breaking boulders, looking forward,
I learnt from life to reminisce but not repent any, longer.
People and circumstances come and go,
leaving behind moments some high some low,
to treasure to learn but not repent.
Positive attitude brings breakthrough,
negativity results in break down you know,
so in life incessantly flow and glow.
Treasures of heart gather as you grow,
experiences in the sojourn comes along as you sow,
reap and garner good fortune as you know,
love, gratitude and forgiveness acquire, hate you throw.
Treasures of heart, practice in high or low,
self-esteem you develop sans ego you grow.
Life is larger than the small disappointments and failures,
fragrance of inner essence , emit redolence,
live moment by moment in absolute presence,
sans repentance cherish each moment in reminiscence.
Embrace all and flow along with all emotions,
as you gather and nurture treasures of heart with all creations.
Copyright@Arundhati Mukherjee

Maria Editha Garma-Respicio  



She Needs To Go Away

She should be glad, for now she’s leaving.
End of employment contract,
But she can’t shed the tears, her heart’s breaking.
Her luggage are ready, all are packed.
She had been a diligent worker serving their family.
Had it been for a tragic reason,
She should still be working there gratefully.
But she must start anew, move to another region.
It’s just as if yesterday
When she joined her sister
to work in that generous family.
Their brood was like a gem that glitters.
They were both a devoted nanny,
The best tutor and housekeeper.
Treated their wards like their own baby.
The relationship grew deeper.
They taught the children moral values.
They left an impact to their young minds.
Wherever they will go
The good virtues taught will flow.
Yet destiny was cruel
When you thought it’s bed of roses,
Suddenly there’s a fierce duel,
Between life and death
And the latter arose.
You pondered for a long time,
To stay or move away
Then, came the conclusion, spirit needs to be sublimed
Been in the pit of grief, felt betrayed.
New surroundings, brings new ray of hope,
The first step in liberating heart’s from sorrows
New workplace widens the scope.
In painful nostalgia, no longer wallow.
They gave you a beautiful token,
Remembrance and loyalty award.
You’re overwhelmed with intense emotion.
Mediate Oh, gracious Lord!
She’s invulnerable position
Almighty God, help her to find solace!
May she release her pain and move on.
May she accept the fact that her sister is now an angel guiding through the cosmopolis…
Copyright@Maria Editha Garma-Respicio  


Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their excellent efforts. Well done, everyone!



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