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Father’s Day 2022: Madhuri Kulkarni

Madhuri Kulkarni   |   Sunday, 19 June 2022 | Print

Father’s Day 2022: Madhuri Kulkarni
A mother carries the baby in her womb for 9 months and after giving birth cares for the child all her life..
But a father carries the child in his heart throughout his life… Mom’s love is spontaneous.. but father’s love is disguised in hundred folds…
He shoulders all responsibilities hiding the difficulties from his wife and children… The door to the child’s dream is opened by the dad..
He cares for them under his watchful eyes.. The stern look he gives sends shivers into their spines.. but he shields his soft heart immaculately… Every child complains.. dad doesn’t love me… But the child forgets to look into dad’s eyes…a sea of love enough to drown in… The feats of children are acknowledged by a smile or a casual pat on the shoulder.. but deep in his heart he conceals the pride.. He never wants his kids to stagnate…instead he takes pride when they grow on their own..
He spends the last of his penny for his daughter’s wedding… Though eyes brim with tears.. his dazzling smile.. while giving her away is worth all hardships…he has undergone… When the son rides the bike .. he stands at the gate watching him.. yelling from behind to drive cautiously.. Even then the father is often labelled as a miser.. He saves money for their future…
They understand this only after he is gone…
My father was a man of pride..he taught us how to lead our lives with satisfaction.. His stern looks are being missed now…But I am proud he built a wonderful foundation for a happy life.
Madhuri Kulkarni
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