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Daily Selected Poems : Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing

Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing   |   Friday, 27 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing

Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing

Old Memories

When I first met you, seven years ago.
I was so reluctant about my feelings to let it go.
Because we’re almost young at that time to fall for love.
But deep inside me, I consider it as puppy love.
I wasn’t feel good every time you say flattery word towards me.
Because you made it all through jokes and I thought you’re not sincere with me.
You will say sorry afterwards that made me forgave you so easily.
For I was touched upon your caring so thoughtfully.
We started as friends that bond us together.
Then I gave you my sweetest yes the day after.
Those days when I’m with you was like a dream come true.
For I was bewitched by your love so true.
A month later, we split up due to miscommunication.
I feel so desperately like a thousand convictions.
Then I gave you no second chance to explain your side.
Because I was still at hurt, but it could in time subside.
Many years we haven’t seen each, I was so in vain.
Many nights I pray that one day you’ll be back again.
But when I’m ready to accept you once again.
You’re not mine anymore, coz you were already taken so why do I need to hope for.
It hurts, yes it might be! But I can easily forgive and forget.
Though we’re not meant for each other, still I have no regrets.
And bring back the old memories will not be difficult for me to remember.
Because our heydays will surely linger in my heart forever.
I thought our paths will not cross once again.
But then your love will lead you back again.
Your presence really bothers me,
If we will continue our fantasy, we could be sinners for it was forbidden in reality.
Though it was hard, I made up my mind not to be your bride.
My faculties are still in control and I had to hold my pride.
Yes, I can be happy even without you in my life.
So let us put our past behind us and let me start a new life.
Coyright@Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing
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Posted 2:34 pm | Friday, 27 August 2021

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