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Mother’s Day 2022

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Mother’s Day 2022
She Is A Mother
When I was born, I didn’t know who my mother will be.
I called a lady ‘maa'(mother) who was so attached to me.
Who breastfed me, who made my limbs stronger finely.
When I stepped in my teenage, My father had presented me a portrait of thee(Mother Teresa).
When I grew up, I realized my birth is for a purpose.
I am also a mother following the path thou bestowed on us.
Giving birth is a biological order.
It doesn’t mean I become a mother.
And God took a woman to fulfil His desire.
But I was a mother,I am a mother and will be.
I realize this when I visualize thee.
Oh Mother Teresa! Oh Maa Saroda! Oh Noble Lady!
Thou taught the real senses of motherliness,
Showing those care,kindness and patience,
What can bring worldwide peace,
And what can produce even miracles.
Thou amaze the world showing thy Passion,thy divinity
The passion for loving people and serving humanity.
Sometimes I had seen a mother in my father.
And feel blessed to find similarity of thee in my birthgiver.
When I was asked to give birth for it was getting late post-marriage there,
I remember I sternly replied, ‘I am already a mother’.
A lady can be called ‘Maa'(mother)anytime anywhere.
Oh Noble Lady! Thou spread the bona fide of motherhood everywhere.
Either she’s given birth a child or not.
She is a ‘mother’ for that noble thought.
Copyright by Tandra Mishra,
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