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Daily Selected Poems : Nardine Sanderson

Nardine Sanderson   |   Sunday, 03 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Nardine Sanderson

Nardine Sanderson

Present and the past.

Had the church bells rang in silent mourning,
I had a loss that barely proves
In some way heaven knew my pain
The holy grounds had moved
I was absent from the scenes but felt as if by fate was torn,
a love that is of earthly angels suffered
where the spark was born, had I loved him more than life
Indeed I tormented then with death
I marked the sky with anger and muttered every breath,
for love I would have died that season,
for reasons only the heart could know,
I willed it to a standstill, the light it followed
it would not go, and here
I am still altered by the courage he had to die alone
And I make peace for what I hold
The making of his stone,
But what of all those moments
that we may never hold,
I touched the embers
Of the fire they were hot, not cold
So we’ll the heart still burns with passion
and it shall always last, but love it lives within my soul,
in the present and the past.


Before the grave


May you not grow so weary, enticed by the underground,
all the flowers bask in light And roots are soil bound-
take peaceful rest within the shade,
it shadows long the stems and leaves,
for death is such a particular place,
where all good sorrow greaves
Be the strength withstanding storms
The rain may nourish and liven the vine,
but never could it place such love
Nor be as strong as yours and mine
I found you in the summer eve
Momentum born where moons hang low
A single kiss to wake the mountains
And quake my heart like falling snow
I have thereof a single moment when love became
an avalanche, and spread each root to grow more tender,
The tallest tree and every branch,
So sit between the days of golden,
where light it may reflect on you,
for I found myself within a garden and you the perfect view,
And gardens full to bloom so often
Make heavens cheeks all sort to blush
So take the time to listen closely,
there is no sudden rush, my heart consoles the roses,
where the flowers like to bask in light,
for their very thorns were chosen
Like making love that night,
no amount of time proceeding could lift our spirit
before the grave, for no amount of passion dies,
nor the love that you once gave.




Too small to know the tragedy of a war between love and trust,
the land they fled converted to ruble and to dust,
Makeshift shelters in barbed wire fences
Sorrow seems their only defence against their
wretched dreams unfolding
The prisoner life of love withholding,
their fate becomes the handed truth unjustly caused
and missing youth,
How must a child detained from life
Ever become a man or wife,
The normalized ways of a captured heart
Buried knee deep in depression just to start,
the mentality of a child enclosed by breath,
never speaks a word of death,
But bares witnesses to the pain,
the heartache like a hurricane,
each child living in poverty and neglect
The love they learn then shall reflect
In cages large the fenced within
With rips and tares upon their skin,
Nightmares in their waking position
A doctor’s check up and physician
Just to place them back to dwell
Inside the ropes, one’s claims as hell
While others dine and drink their wine
And laugh and love in freedom cause
That child seeks to look upon the promise
not the pause, although they have no choice at all,
their life is put on pause,
No running games and learning,
no freedom from the chains around their hands,
just a frightened soul who seeks

Copyright@Nardine Sanderson


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