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Global Poet : Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez   |   Monday, 12 July 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez of Mexico

Poetess, Translator, Singer, University Professor, Broadcast locution Radio and T.V


She is an internationally renowned Mexican poetess and author who has received numerous awards including Mother Teresa International Global Peace Award, India, 2021. Honorary Doctorate granted by the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity Morocco and A Thousand Minds for Mexico Association, November 2020. The Prize for Cultural Excellence 2020, awarded by the government of Peru. The Nobel Laureate Kobi Rabindranath Tagore Award, India 2019. The Excellence Prize in the World Poetry Championship Romania, 2019. Literary Prize of unpublished poetry “Tra le Parole e L’infinito”, 20th edition, Italy, 2019. Honorary Doctorate granted by International Forum of Creativity and Humanity I.F.C.H 2019, based in Morocco. Awarded with the EASAL medal by the European Academy of Sciences and Letters, Paris, France 2018. Awarded “Pride of the Globe” WNWU, Kazakhstan 2018. Honorable Mention in the category: Foreign Poetry, of the International Prize Poseidonia Paestrum, Edition XXIV, Italy 2018.
Awarded “Universal Inspirational Poet”, Pentasi B. World, India 2017; Winner of a special mention and a medal in the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE Italy 2015, recognized by UNESCO. Awarded with the IWA BOGDANI Albania Award, 2016. Awarded with a Third Place category French Poetry in the International Poetry Prize “Sous les traces de Léopold Sédar Senghor” Milan, Italy, 2016 recognized by ONU and UNESCO. Winner of a mention in the International NOSSIDE Poetry Prize, Italy 2016. Awarded “Universal Inspirational Poet” Pentasi B. World, Africa, Ghana 2016, among others.
She is a member of an advisory committee of the exquisite Teacher Training Plan of National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan.
Author, co-author and translator of 17 International Poetry Books. Her Book: “Moon Chant” in a bilingual version, was recognized as Hispanic Cultural Heritage and is in the Library of the Congress of the United States.
Her poems have been translated into 20 languages and published in more than 300 anthologies, magazines and newspapers around the world. She speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish.


Poetry by Alicia Minjarez Ramírez




You speak the wind language,
Preserving words of a tongue
Immerse among the stones
Of streams.

Your lips rewrite
The water flows,
Of dawns lost
In Schuaima.

Sweet Aniquirona
Fairy – sorcerer
Seduces your senses.
Listening among the rubble
The words of Gods.
Your footsteps walk through
Dusty roads,
Herb moisture claims
The ancient words
With luminous dialect,
Thundering the daily stage.

Your name shines
Below your eyes,
Above the rocks.
Far beyond the flesh!

Cicadas fertilizing summer.
Locking time within
The voices on the road.
Under cedars and mangoes,
Lush shade populated
By blackbirds.

You get up surrounded by
Mockingbird’s echoes,
Noise bursts
In the rock’s song,
Across the threshold
Of the mythical bridge
That connects earth.
There the birds recall
Rainbows in the sky.

I barely know your name,
The moon whispered it to me.
At the beginning of language…
In your rivers’ cascades.

Translation: Alaric Gutiérrez




Many sighs in tears
Takes the time.
I don´t want the wind
Disperse your breath,
Neither the verses
That ignites my kisses!

Making of your body
The green ink
Of my whole poetry!
With the moon
Reflected on your back
So smooth…
So pure…
So mine!

Just take me
In your silences!

Today I will keep
All my dreams,
My soul will take
Your memories.

Just waiting
For the moment
To embrace you




There, where the wind fades away
The sky waves its own branches
Retouching icy mornings
In the shades,
Blackbirds and pigeons flapping
And disturbing the sky.
I aimlessly wander through.

Every corner evokes
Spiral lines of perpetually
Ever written sonnets,
Unveiled brides
Blur the color lines
Upon vacant altars.
I become chrysalis
Under the chaos of progress.
I extend my hands
And find only emptiness.
Where do these streets lead me to?

I try to jump over my shadow,
Gradually move
From green to yellow…
Exorbitant looks
Lacking everything
And nothing at all.
In the swinging mist
Every step reflected upon
Its own reflection,
When the twilight expands
I force myself to take shortcuts
That lead me nowhere.

Broken hearts,
Moon’s usurped glow,
Yielding ghosts
To the impregnable shine
Of window cars.
Stillness moves,
Static seconds,
Silence declines,
I emigrate with no belongings;
Brittle and gloomy spectrum
De-kernelling good-byes.

My mind is on hold,
Stars cry about
Humidity’s shortage
And eclectic rains,
My voice drowns.
Blink away
The ethereal fire of my eyes,
I release myself from prejudice.

I release myself
From body and soul
As nocturnal sun
Amidst the desert.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez




I built you up
From diaphanous drops
That clarifies
The thin contour
Of the wind’s arms.

Those dancing
Upon my face,
Hold up and excuse
The rising of
Light stealth birds
On the horizon.

Sky wings bearing
Polyphonic aromas,
Diluting moist loams
In vetiver and bergamot,
Over your body’s drought.

I envision you
In my silent
Barren palms,
As drops upon my river;
Ecstatic the open sea
Flows against formed
Verbal tide,
In ivy language.

Warp naked
Fanciful voices,
Dawning deep
Inside my skin,
Desire’s opacity.

I built you up!
While it rains.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez.




Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.
Dusty breeze undoing
Selfless prejudices,
Diaphanous sky
Of faraway shores.
Untellable words!
Sweet craving that leads
And mitigates nostalgia,
Drunkenness of the moment
Impossible fight
Bold and incandescent soul.
Every sound is a wonderful caress
Momentum, track and halo of a transient light.

Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.
I understand the instant is non-existing matter.
Burns like a wound inscribed within our consciousness,
Affliction goes away.
Full delight of interrogations and absences,
Depths and appearances;
Defining the earthly paradise hell
Of my own communion.

Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.
I learn to live
In the branches of a secret dream,
Of a fiery shade,
In the shortened line
Of abysmal dementia.
Choleric air of ephemeral tears
Shake up my roots.
Lewd whisper
Born from the body,
Proclaiming the cavity
Of long gone solitudes.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez.




A longing breeze
Tries to show itself,
Like nostalgia migrating
Up in the air.
Water permeates
My body.
Your breath
Fills in the context.

Longing secrets
That the wind
Shakes up in the offing,

I walk behind
Upon the moisture
Left by the drops
Under the branches.
Birds get detached
From their nests,
Looking for
The promised shelter.

Church bells ring,
The night interrupts.
I long to dry off
The rain,
Like those birds
Besetting park trees
In the evening.

The stillness of your eyes
Invades me…
Ecstatic wings,
Paralyzing their flight.
At my silence’s feet.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez




Redemptive breeze
Imprisons my space,
like raining stars
As fragrant words
At the crescent moon,
Salt conspires about
Your shooting and lasting

Blue air flutter about
Your wet vertices notes,
Ascending through
The tree’s essence.
Guttural sounds
Spotting the horizon.

I sense you
Among murmurs
Of leaves diluting
Liquid shadows,
Imaginary pigeon’s pieces,
Luminance music
Of the dreams we forge.

I find you,
Wrong or right,
In haste;
In the rain’s
Incessant voice.
Beautiful traveller
Of dreamed steps
And arms of fire.

Drowned in
Desire-scented steam
I dusk upon foreign oaks,
As touch produced
By your path;
Dark moor
Of an old sky
Your word of light,
The illusory
Copulation of language.




I give you the affable
Tenderness of my lips;
Leafless corollas
In the cold dawn
Of your moans.

Let your kiss cling to my belly
Over the oscillation of notes,
The gentle melody
Perspiring through your skin.

Let my essence
Be your forest clearing,
Exempting swallows
In incandescent delight.

In the inscrutable dream of my bed,
Coastlines of your element,
I wait for the wrecked return.
Kissing the boundaries of the sky
Extending far beyond the sunset.

Take your exhausted lips
Until your wet sights
Are extinct
In my white delusions.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez




A gust of wind and rumors
Hue harmonic perfumes,
Vetiver, coriander, kahve and saffron,
Crumbling the twilight dust.
Silence singing words
Bursting up
Depths of the sky.

My body invokes you
Under the Ankara fresh rain,
Fertile crescent
The spell of my lips;
Liquid light
Of shooting stars.
Horizontal waves
Moistens my edges
In the steppe plains
Of your gardens.

Even the moon is singing
Although no one notices it!

Dressed up in rainfalls
And kissing roots,
Sound waterfalls
Polishing stones
Upon your rivers’ wings.
Holding hands,
Piercing idyllic forests,
Dates and prunes
Are seeded wild,
Like impregnated
Firewater drops
On the green breeze
Of your gaze.

Undamaged yearnings
The absence or presence
Of your breath.
Fragrant essence
Evokes the moss dance
In Turkish oak timbers.

Chimerical magma
Rises and falls,
The ottoman honeysuckle
Of your luminous pores
Opened up
To the furtive wrap
Of my nights.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez




Freezing raindrops
Pour hasty voices
Over my body,
leaving behind
Fragmented unfinished moments,
In the dense night of my foliages.

Amber lights crystallize
Wet cobblestones.
Faint breeze throbs tactile words
In ragweed of your lips.

The wind impels
Among its branches
Lost–found longings
Inside the indigo ink of your gaze,
As silent opacity shimmer flashes
Delimit folds of the shining water
Running down my cheeks.
Should I hear the breeze pronounce your name?

Blue whispers articulate
Songs of the stones.
Pierced transparencies dissolve desires,
As melts the stone with the fire
And the sea on the horizon.




Migratory swallows
Furrow cloudy skies,
Occlude opacities
At the pace of drops
In drought.

Brief silhouettes
Delimited by spaces
Allies – divergent.
Voices crumble
Corrugated breaths.

Millions of children
Secretly reside
In the augury.
Scanty belongings
Hanging from the wounds,
Plan unreal edges.

Whispers from thresholds,
Mirages cries fall silent
Tactile polyphonic
In the game of oblivion,
Among probes, blood and oxygen.
Do I procrastinate
And transfigure myself into ashes?

Humid voices clarify
Deserts and mental omissions
Immerse their laughter,
Slumbering memories
Bowels of thought;
Judgment which rambles
To get away from the utopia,
I must face the noise deafness,
To support my stay
In this forest of concrete.




Only love will prevail
When nothing is left
When the memory fades away
As the dust scattered
On the wind.

Only my words will speak
Of this love
That will leave a footprint
In silence,
To posterity
Of other times.

When my simple name
Be erased over time
And the words remain
In withered leaves.

My love for you will prevail…
In the green ink of your glance
In your skin of verse,
In your skin of rhyme,
On your prose skin …
Forever and beyond.

©Alicia Minjarez Ramírez



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