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Daily Selected Poems : Štefica Karaševac

Štefica Karaševac   |   Sunday, 22 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Štefica Karaševac

Štefica Karaševac

Divine beauty

How much beauty in one place
To take your lips away and take your breath away
The divine of heaven is similar to everything
Is it prettier by day or when the dark descends.
The most beautiful one, though, when the moon in the sunset, calls
The customer’s tiredness is quiet at the end of the day
Silver is sorry for the moon and dew on the grass
That’s when she comes naked to the goat without any shame.
Attracted by the scene and the moon is coming closer
Seretically smiling and secretly recording everything
Shameful turning it’s coming down
Water loves it from our views.
Oh, who gives birth to that deserted beauty like an icon
Aphrodite unreal lure bodies of a woman
Hey moons don’t flash don’t send pictures in the village
Don’t scare her that I still enjoy her grace.
Cover her nits and thighs with shining silver thread
When you get naked and wet out of the water
To understand all confused that reality is all about being
Let’s be quiet, rascals, so he doesn’t hear us and find us.
Oh divine beauty oh my unreal Ana
Why does God create so much beauty in who puts me
Crazy with the emperors, I am sailing my body
When the wet comes out, nature comes out when it comes out.
Copyright@Štefica Karaševac
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Posted 1:17 pm | Sunday, 22 August 2021 |

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