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Happy Birthday: Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee   |   Saturday, 02 October 2021 | Print

Happy Birthday: Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee

The Song of Lost Land – Wasted Land


Shadows merging with nothingness, strike at the root of hollow existence –
Too much roarings give birth to deepest silence!
Essence is lost when unrest
Grasps the restless soul,
Pining for a wounded tiger’s burning eyes
Or a lost maiden’s throbbing heart,
that cherishes thoughts of a new rise!
A pair of blue eyes
Are still searching for indolence!
Satiety haunts the rebel’s mind.
Between you and me, God can never find,
The sweeping tide,
Engulfing the earth, the Hell or the Paradise!
Flashes of visions still remind the blue mermaid of nocturnal trances,
When fiery kisses
And passionate embraces
Inspired one to quest for heaven,
Though the dolphin’s smooth skin
And those cold eyes of dead fishes,
Smell of burnt up coals,
And an empty zoo, where once Predators danced
The dance of madness,
Cannot obstruct the journey of the holy soul.
Destiny is defeated when Enlightenment transforms the liberated mind into lightning!
The hawk suddenly dares sing Out
The song of beasts, birds, fishes, flesh and rocks!
Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!
The rocky continent is broken into fragments,
When madness triumphs over petty sentiments of an imprisoned, blind bard.
Love inflicts eternal torture upon the loving soul,
That defies purgation for the sake of Love –
Light! One flash of blue, striking light
Can uproot
The rooted self that once denied nasty massacre,
That ruined the body’s urge for other bodies –
Frail or Strong!
It doesn’t matter much,
whether the muscles of a monk
Still internalize holy thoughts or not!
The Dance of death and lustful eyes of the vagrant still haunt the virgin’s Mind
In her dreams.
Stories breed new stories of crags, Categories, steep hills, splits and dust smitten roads –
The toads! The toads!
Where are those deadly toads,
That Are reluctant to breed
New species of black toads,
That can float,
But can’t sink into the pool of blood of those bleeding heroines,
Whom history has forgotten forever?
The toads still love the feminine smell of blood!
Darkness is so soothing,
When drops of sweat caress
Beating hearts –
Pores are in love with pores!
Parts adore parts!
Shrieks break the midnight trance –
Hollow minds adore dull souls
And white scalps –
Memories still strengthen the infant’s mind,
Whose eyes are in search of an identity, sanctity!
Politics of Denial can make it experience hell.
Dullness creeps into the silent soul
As the adolescent mind learns to play
With the whole
World’s majestic tales of bestiality!
What is bestiality?
A myth or a crude truth
Or a dream of nakedness
That overpowers every soul,
That passes through the hell,
Before the call comes from The glorious, sacred haven!
Unmasked faces and dilapidated tombs
Still define the existence
Of the dark continent –
Waiting with an intense
To resist the advancing steps of the cunning but smiling dictator.
” Horror! Horror !”

Copyright@Priyanka Banerjee

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Posted 2:43 pm | Saturday, 02 October 2021

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