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Poet of the Day : Gerlinde Staffler

Gerlinde Staffler   |   Wednesday, 02 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Gerlinde Staffler

Gerlinde Staffler


Gerlinde Staffler

Best Poem and Poet of the Day

24th April and 24th June 2021


Be Original

Wandering in galaxies of possible means,
The cage of narrow visions is freeing doubts
About living in equal streams as do trouts.
Break down the bricks of standard dreams!
Original paintings dazzle pale copies
Infinite are their brushes’ pirouettes
Solemnly saluting to life without regrets,
Ready to rely on the wisdom of a lotus
A daily rebirth like the white-cheeked blossom.
Even in filthy waters and thickest mud
A bright delight grows from a lonely bud.
As my clear aim, I won’t my grip loosen.



To My Friend

Friendship is the hardest thing to explain
Actual unearthing of values even in pain.
A newborn world on the heart’s top
Wherein my vast feelings I can drop
Kindness is friendship’s magic touch
Taking care of each other very much
Happiness arises with authentic smile
Understanding is our pure loving style
Doors inside are opened from your call
Then close friends pick up when we fall
Two swinging beats ever, side by side
Sharing memories, laughter and pride
Lucky souls blossom under love’s shower
An adventure drawing out mighty power
My friend, a real gift from heaven you are
A rare gem, a bright sun, my splendid star.

©Gerlinde Staffler | Italy

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