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Daily Selected Poems : Borna Kekic

Borna Kekic   |   Thursday, 15 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Borna Kekic

Borna Kekic



Imagine life
no comp and no laptop
no internet, no surf
life without it
imagine life
without all those social networks

Facebook, Facebook
the main face is you
Facebook, Facebook
in us, love happens
the real person you are
but you are no one

I will be stress-free,
a lover of fey
Facebook, Facebook
we are at the same address
and I know where you are
so I say
Facebook, Facebook…

Feel it, feel it with me
do not be shy
we have come a long way
to give up now

I always knew
that it’s worth the wait
and that without real music
it is not worth singing

To love ourselves as humans,
nothing easier, nothing harder,
binds us all,
the man is executed
then when he doesn’t kiss

Really, it hurt for a long time,
that feeling of falling to the bottom
that memory when he catches my neck
and remind me, though, that you are a bastard…


Copyright@Borna Kekic

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Posted 10:52 am | Thursday, 15 July 2021 |

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