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Poetry for Peace: Afrose Saad

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Poetry for Peace: Afrose Saad

Afrose Saad

Precious stage

Every morning starts with the call of sanguine sun
Look! what a beautiful earth

Ready to make my step
Same pathetic news —- break my heart

So many people are dead
War is the prime fact

Why we can’t stop this bloody thirst
How can satisfy the Dracula’s heart

Please try to understand
We want to live peacefully

You and I —nourish the same dream
For holding the hands of beloved—-all times

Why then hear the echoes of painful heart
Lively hearts are shattered

You have a beautiful mind
It attacks bosom

Reflect thyself
Aren’t you a lovely soul by God’s grace

Why then act like a demon
What’s thy purpose after all

World is losing the rhythms of love
Please wear the crown of mankind

Thy name can be crafted as a legend
Welcome that precious stage in this earthly shell



Words– from lovely heart

I don’t want to be an emotional fool
My words come from heart to attain lovely plots
Without anymore heinous mirth
I want to celebrate the blissful birth

Heartbeats for lovely earth
There can’t be any painful dart
It will attain only by soulful words
All must come from thy heart

Mark my words what I say
Not a mere one but as God’s blessing drop
To make the lovely abode within tumultuous verses
The heart can conquer all wars by showing majestic stage

Stop this bloody thirst
Spread thy perpetual birth
You can be a messenger from God
To spread the message for peaceful abode

Why there’s only wrath of demons
Lovely souls are sacrificed afterall
It’s not our soulful world
We want to laugh by holding hands of love

Peace is the prime concern
Adorable life can’t define
Wear thy humble crown of mankind
Eternity will fall upon all at any verse

Only we can hear the sound of painful heart
It calls us to save the world from heinous art
Let us break down all devil’s darts
A new birth of peaceful earth.


Listen- Dear all!

Oh! Palestinian people…
Let me tell the world,
Please! Open… all your doors.
Let to flow the divine doves,
To send the message for peaceful verse.
Oh! Palestinian people—
I can’t hold my emotions.
I can feel your every pain.
What a pathetic verse!
What a tune of bleeding earth!
All pierce the heart,
Please! the world—
Listen! Dear all…
Open all closed doors,
Embrace your hands of humanity.
To throw out all painful darts.
Every news—so touchy, ah!!!
People die— as a worthless ones.
All are losing their lively lives.
Volcanic fires— playing, all over.
How can we endure all?
We must help to stop this heinous attack.
Let’s write a letter to the universe.
Please, dear all!
Hold the sail— to protect Palestine!
From the devil’s mirth.
Only watching the news,
Only taking notes,
Only expressing the feelings—
It’s not enough, after all.
We need to help for stopping this war.
We need to fight against all demons.
Life can’t lose as this way,
We will fight.
We must win.
The fire is ignited—
It burns all golden souls.
It touches all hearts,
Why then we can’t show our courageous hearts???
It’s the crucial time-
To show the world— the unity, as love for all.
Show humanity!
Passionately— for moving onward.
Listen! the crying verse—from all sites.
Little to older, all are scared.
They are losing all—
How can they weave a dream for life again?
Trust God!
Trust your heart!
Hold hands—
Show the empathy– towards Palestine!!!
Not only some words—
It will be fruitful by our deeds.
We must take the vow to help Palestinian.
It’s our duty to ensure the existence of peaceful earth.


(C) Afrose Saad

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