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Daily Selected Poems : Ba Lethanh

Ba Lethanh   |   Wednesday, 08 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Ba Lethanh

Ba Lethanh


Oh, happiness! No one does not cherish
Oh, writers! Poets! Philosophers! Indeed
Oh, honey! It used to weigh on my heart
You’ve seen, heard birds singing, at large
Have you felt sweetness enough?
Sour and bitter yeast of your love?
About the desolate past, I’m telling
Sympathy is needed like breathing
To escape with an open confiding
To say farewell to a painful loving
Originally it’s a real dead a long time ago
If you ask from where the universe shows
For you to understand well our love more
At first, I explain the Law of Cycle – a law
Due to what so high will be so low
Imagine this graphic able to show
Through a Sin image, you guess meanings
Waves cycles go up and down as a winding
Like our life stumbling constantly
If our life is joyful and active truly
With positive thinking, morality wins destiny
As ancient books refer to Yin and Yang, you see
Nothing exists in the impermanence realm
This tells you more about a law problem
It’s always needed for creatures, everything
Nothing gathers forever without dissolving
As the morning flowers bloom, wither at night
All species in the universe the Creator identified
Four phases one cycle pass enough, complete
Birth, age, illness, death return to Nothingness
I am calm and serene in my heart, no blame
I didn’t think of love much suddenly you came
From the unconscious revives the love clue
Heart-to-heart, I’m moved to wait for you
We sympathize with an imperfect life annoyed
For our life to produce a source of joy to enjoy
Happiness is vast like the universe in balance
How many definitions? Lacking or redundant?
We love each other seemingly not yet
But it starts from a hidden love pledge
Our inner heart has a real direction of going
Flowers race to bloom due to sunshine helping
Our love flowers as people finish their pledge
The next is called the Law of Cause and Effect
Due to our good life, we need no hurry
I’ve loved, ever given all my heart truly
Being lovelorn, your love comes as expected
And you have come, how lucky I am! Indeed
After a storm, it is quiet now, you see
I receive a loving present suddenly
My heart whispers a creed for believing
Raise the Quintessence and Meaning
In the moment of the time infinity
If we are dedicating sincerely
The future truth will be a miracle, positive
The whole universe also turns diminutive
How much waiting to pass, long but quickly
At the happy meeting, we have love obviously
Not far away, our heart is the paradise of hope
And the Creator has come to revive our love
As urging us to find each other quickly
To enforce right away His Law of Unity
This law has meaning in life to complete
As the universe is always connected
Gods and Objects, whatever we believe in
To think, say, do, influence the world, darling
All are a source of His blessings – the Almighty
Our soul has some parts of the cosmic energy
Of Lord, people called the Sovereign
The Almighty or Creator we believe in
His divine energy exists everywhere
Permeates all life timely here and there
By invisible, the sound waves rolling
Though we can’t see it, it’s still flying
Throughout space all night and all-day
That energy is the vibrating microwave
The Law describes variation in life, it seems
To exist not only in physics but also in dreams
In our thinking, our longing, and our waiting
And our waking with thousands of feelings
Each vibration frequency is unique.
Though visible or invisible to seek
All included predetermined quick or slow
Like the speed of light and sound flow
From the human thought to the whole body
There’re countless separate constants, you see
From human to boundless universe, galaxy
No collision, always harmonious with gravity
High-pitched thoughts for emotions,
The more delicate, the stronger the vibration
It is the resonance from the same frequencies
Participating to govern is the Law of Gravity
In other words, as God’s law, we agree
We cannot get rid of the Law of Gravity
Like the moon revolving around the globe
The orbit in the solar system they follow
In the same way, we share together
The joys, sorrows, Ideals, Faith as ever
Right away to change the way we live life
Because Spiritual Revolution is truly right
Good thinking makes love elegant, serious
It comes to us in splendid height, gorgeous
Many mistakes and prejudices we’ll break
Never step back by an inferiority complex
And science has also taken steps, thus
It discovers that everything around us
And in us, in the so vast universe
Finally, everything is created ever
As hidden, from the functional energy,
There are quanta of a given frequency
Through a special high-power microscope
Liquid or solid material – they do a good job
According to physics, energy is certain by turns
To be divided into very small components
Called Molecules, go on being divided into small parts
These small parts called the Atom – it’s a smaller part
In an Atom, oh, weird region! You see
Neutrons, Electrons, rotate normally
Particle quanta are so small, hard to measure it
Rotating around a Nucleus called the God seed
Our mind also contains such a thing
Pulses of brain waves when thinking
As always looking for external resonances
Empathy is the vibration of the frequency
This is easier to understand than challenge
Philosophers from a metaphysical finding
The whole universe is spirit, a belief not the deal
But agree on the way of the invisible energy field
Passion is like a Nebula in all directions
In the endless light in the flight actions
From the Big Bang explosion to the present, it means
We love each other as the pink sunshine moves resin
To bring green to refresh grass and plant
We love each other as expected our plan
From sympathy, love raises a call sake
On this planet, nothing is inanimate
It lights up everything gorgeous, sees
We love each other open-heartedly
Come on! Live an active life with hope
Bring youth to find the Ideal to love
Still optimistic though much hardship pay
Now happily welcome the Renewal Day
Come and give each other the sweet stream
To compensate for the bitter days dreamed
Our talent! Learn from the Almighty
Admire Him to energize us in reality
The Worldview is steady in our mind
Honey! You’re a miracle highlight!
All your belonging makes me like
Not only your hair, hands, or eyes
But that is also true love, truly right
Through trust in your voice and smile
We love each other like a pure new dream
Since then we love life, love all, as it seems
Loving Spring comes, not strange any longer
Because we find sympathy to love each other
It is wonderful for the next generation …
As inseparable Him in a minute of reason
To enjoy a lifetime of happiness, it’s true
Together we forever unite the sacred clue
As knowing I’ve already the Famous Jade
Happiness is still vastly fragrant, intimate
Vitality strongly rushes like a waterfall, I see
It’s as gently as a spring flower bloom early
Toward the future, review the past far and near
I endured many harsh ups and downs, and tears
Under the sky, nothing exists at all, you see
But human love needs Kindness and Loyalty
That truth I cherish so much to enjoy to the full
How are the True, the Perfect, and the Beautiful?
I built with so many sincere idea streams
With so many earnestly flowery dream
Oh, my belief! Not helpless to vanish – never
You show me how to rebuild a Jade Tower
Coming to me, your love has lit up my poems
For my heart torch shining the thinking realm
To find out more Laws having not found yet
Not to doubt unknown Laws to come next
But to suspect whatever I was fervent
Any success is limited only, to current
Not flying high, my ambition has appeared ever
I’ve been thirsty because of drinking saltwater
When understanding, I never regret the past time
And the bourgeois luxury in my golden lifetime
What did life give? It was idle talks obviously
Oh, Position! Vague honor! Material money!
I go to find the truth for true happiness
Because I don’t like to die of wornness
Not to bend my back, faithful to keep words
Sure, you’ll come when I decide to wait first
I am also ready to give you a new life source
We give each other dreamy affections, oh, Lord!
With soulmate enthusiasm like the ancients
Because suffering gives us more love to current
Warming up the frugal days reserved
We have more vitality to preserve
For love never needs any Manifestos indeed
The Art of Living is the zenith of happiness
Knowing to dedicate when the heart urges
After the fog, the lyrical truth gains its birth
It will harmony the spirituality inner
With pure soul, your love is sweeter
As the piano sound keys echo softly
We’re renewing the lyric song richly
Not accidental to echo sounds beyond fancy
I’m with you as an appointment from eternity
Co-biocompatibility has a long time ago, truly
You came from a place of Miraculous Beauty
I started in nameless Magical Soundlessness
A hundred-year dream is enough or not of it?
Do we fancy a dream for thousand years?
In order to satisfy love nurtured as ever
Blissful-meeting grace turns dream into reality.
We love each other hoping to be uniquely ready
Without pessimistic delusions for a lifetime
Meeting here is needed but so surprised
It’s so close, not far away…not an illusion
Also rewarded by Him the Law of Action
For us to see the relationship that connects
The Law of Action with the Cause and Effect
Strongly believe what we want so and such
The universe induction will be sent to us
According to the Law of Corresponding
He ratified and encourages us to begin
To get cosmic energy into our mind in reality
To operate and take personal responsibility
Because of faith, we have fully consecrated
We are happy with Him, the Creator of Bliss



One day I found myself like the wind
Soaring high to the sky, I was flying
I saw two gods they were discussing
Talking about people while flying,
Curious, I was following up while gliding
Overhearing the words as the following
“People in the worldly life are materialistic
To love money, fame, know nothing indeed
For its importance, they try to create
They do any wickedness for getting it
Until they have been in disaster strikes
Their property is like foam, they ask why
The final result they must receive it
For their evil deeds, they are punished
Two Gods obeyed the Creator’s order
God of Good and God of Evil, the examiners
To go around the world for considering
Good and evil deeds people are doing
For blessing or need to punish them?
How to be human better as a theorem
Two Gods went to many lands worldly
Good people were blessed with property,
Also, many bad people were punished truly
God of Evil brought them down calamities.
One day they came to a so strange land
The wind and clouds unusually changed
A place was filled with so much evilness
The earth, sky, and sea are in darkness
People here were so eager to win truly
Fraud and deceitful for fame and money.
All day, profiteering they tore together
Their relatives they didn’t release as ever
Their friends they didn’t recognize, you see
In wrath, God of Evil wanted to be crazy
“Why is there such a corrupt, bad place!
We right away purge to cut their life fate
“I want to give a cataclysm on them
For water drown their corrupt realm
God of Good heard this and quickly offered
“Wait, humans live in life in their pleasure
“Often blinded by fame and profit as ever
Their ignorance creates a lot of karma.
Heaven has forgiving piety ready to create
I come there to test their heart, just to teach.
God of Good descended to be a poor beggar,
He went back and forth, begging everywhere
He was often being chased away, you see
The rich were hideous to scorn him only
They let the dog chase him, barking and biting.
The poor didn’t want to be near him for fearing
They feared he’d rob them of their belongings.
Even children who were good-natured beings
They also made jokes with mocking words
As their roadside entertainment to search
God of Good was still patient the second time
He turned into a rich man living like a king’s life
He brought gifts and food to give people
He did charity, distributing to poor people.
People heard they could have it for free,
Struggling, they don’t follow the priority
To the point of moral disorder
Children trampled on the elder
Brothers and friends were jostling
Stealing one another and shouting.
Greedy men held food heavy unable to go
Several belonged to the rich were showed
Even mandarins were greedy, worthy to blame
Robbing rice from the poor, what a shame!
He pretended as a Taoist the third time
He both walked and preached moral life
“Who does a good deed will have blessings,
Who does evil things will have a day harming
The people of that land lived atheistic life
They didn’t trust in Buddha’s or God’s guide
They didn’t respect any morality either
Good things He preached, they didn’t care
They thought it was okay not to break the law
Anti-conscience deeds but they could do more
They thought they could do such things,
They didn’t think of right or wrong things
They smiled while listening to him preach
Someone pretended His voice to speak
Then to add and remove his teachings
To go everywhere slandering, mocking
Saying that He agitated people, spread heresy
The mandarin sent soldiers to find Him, you see
On-road full of notice of arrest order
With dirty words always attached here
At that time, God of Good was reluctant
In sad mind, He had to leave that land
The God of Evil watched to observe truly
In that land, how was human psychology
God of Evil knew about the test indeed
So when He saw God of Good retreated
He calmly smiled and said with emotion
“Not that you lost all your compassion
Because they couldn’t change at first
I need to erase this area of the world
Unforgivable events happened sadly
I must show the real God’s majesty
The God of Good said in his reluctance:
“Let give them another chance to change
What will they do in troubled times?
Will they repent or not for their life?
So before you start as you wanted ever
Heavy rain, floodwater buried this area
You would do what you try to reason
I only ask you for a relative solution”
“Don’t worry, I’ll create the epidemic
I will watch them in this pandemic
Just-in-time if they were more perfect than?
Conscious, they would right away change
If they have some thoughtful mind
I’ll open a better way for their life
For them, I will circle the classification
Punishment varies from person to person
The cataclysmic I am postponing
After I have finished my testing

We will discuss for the last time
If I have to do, please don’t mind


Copyright@Ba Lethanh (Abahn Leth)


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