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Poetry for Peace: Vee Maistry

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Poetry for Peace: Vee Maistry

Vee Maistry

Harmony and Peace

Religion is but a way of life
A direction for folks to ease the strife
Christian, Muslims and Jews live
Side by side on God’s chosen land
Examine your mind with a doctor’s eye
What do you see that is different for you and I
Then step into your heart
Do you have three chambers and I have four
Your reflection in the mirror
Is that an alien monster from another planet
For even aliens, they don’t maime and kill
Just for the sake of a bilious thrill
Look deep into your spiritual being
And surface the love and empathy of the human being
For mother earth no human own
All of nature she does birth
We are mere mortals and not immortals
To cling and possess like greedy gluttons
Love thy neighbour like thy self
That is what all humanity preach
So please take heed and stop the violence
And behave like civilized empathetic beings

Copyright@Vee Maistry

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