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Poet of the Day : Selma Kopic

Selma Kopic   |   Thursday, 01 July 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Selma Kopic

Selma Kopic


Selma Kopic

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30th June 2021

Poem by Selma Kopic

Once upon a time was one love
Gently, like a precious drop
in the palm of your hand,
you have put me above all.
You have fixed the root
from which I will grow,
you have knit the nett
so I couldn’t fall.
You ranked me high
that no one can even
approach me.
And disappeared.
I hold tight to the cotton clouds,
trying to reach for the star blades.
But though it still blazes in the heart,
the sparks in my eyes disappear.
Now the stars make fun of me,
and mine spasmodic grip on the clouds
makes them laugh with pity.
And they wonder:
– What will she do upstairs alone,
among us?
From below
many heads are raised,
many eyes are on,
only a few hands extended for salvation.
My strength is weak,
I won’t last long!
What do I do after all?
Everything after you is a fall.



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