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Poetry for Peace: Dilu Naser

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Poetry for Peace: Dilu Naser

Dilu Naser

The Hudhud bird of Prophet Suleiman and the coffin of Palestine


When Eid moon being sighted in the sky
joyful celebration around the Muslim world.
Just then, crosses the ancient desert of Canaan
East-West, North-South –
It turns from one hemisphere to another
With the killer’s bloodshot eyes
One of the successors of the miraculous Hudhud bird of prophet Suleiman came and sat on the cornice of my heart.

The moonlight being blooming from the bird,
The colourful two wings glistened like pearls
and lucidity of the turquoise stone in the eyes
those eyes are now disconsolate.
The white-lit wings are glowing like fire.
Its bright feathers become grey worn by the blows of the deadly weapon.

The astonishing green legs and the chest glittered red like Yakut
But today, wounded in the footsteps of the violent armoured vehicle.
From the palm of the enemy’s disgusting hands
Bloodstained skull of the bird that escaped blood and fire,
Fear in the eyelids and-
Dilapidated house of worship, faded relics cities …
The descendants’ bird used to talk to prophet Suleiman,
Their voice turns feeble,
The exhausted blue thirst!
The uproar of the serene children and the mourn of the dead
that drawing in my heart.
The bird freely flew, wandering Sabla, Satilla, Rafa, Ramallah Gaza Valley’s palm tree and olive forests.
Today, that miraculous birds perturbed, agitated by the roars of warplanes and cannons.
Human beings are landless, oppressed by nuclear weapons.
Now, they wear bloody blue shirt.
The tragic grief of the breath of Palestine being spread around the world.
It has extended the sorrow in the joy of my Eid
The stories of horrible day-night
The stories of countless death
I can’t sleep
It just rains of blood
Volcanic lava flow into the blood veins
I stay awake alone on the bed covered with insomnia-
In the posterior coffin of Palestine.


Translated by Faruk Ahmed Roni

Copyright@Dilu Naser

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