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Devnath Das

-ফাইল ছবি


 Devnath Das

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9th June 2021

A Palestinian Child

I’m a mew bud
What a long wait
Counting, how many hours of defence
After how many births austerities
Come to me
Of my father
Of my mother
What a treasure of pursuit
I am
Talks were to get-
A sunlight’s glistening sky
Open-air, pollution-free environment
Talks were to get-
Lots and lots of affections
Caress, love
And growing up
And it’s my right.
But why so much smoke
Why the sky is covered with black clouds
Why the smell of gunpowder
Friend Shiuli, why don’t you talk
Why blood on his chest
I sighed
I cry, I just cry
Where’s my father?
Where’s my mother?
Blood in my sister’s chest
I’m scared! Just I’m scared!
Oh my God!
O the world’s people!
Save me,
Save me, please
I don’t want to die
I don’t want to die
I want to grow up
I want to read
I want to be a pure man
I want to build
I want to build
A safe child-friendly world
And it’s my promise.

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