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Weekly Selected Poem: Subash C. Ghose

Subash C. Ghose   |   Wednesday, 09 March 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poem: Subash C. Ghose

Subash C. Ghose

Love me always


Man is a social animal
He can never live alone
In isolation from others
Near and dear
He is always to live together
With friends, peers and others.
For an all-round development
A child has inevitably to grow
Under the loving care of his parents
Needless to say, parents are the most
Important of all friends and peers.
In the perspective given
A man is a man because of his
Good companions
For his development, they give him
All that he demands.
I’m thankful to my friends
Next to my parents
For what I’ve been today
I fail to forget them
Even if one or two misbehave
And leave me to myself.
They may leave me to myself
Not on their sweet whim or a
Vindictiveness but very often under
A sort of compulsion or a misjudgement
Of a particular situation
Hammering upon the intimate
Friendly relation!
The relational distance that may
Have sprung up between close friends
Maybe traced to some fatal incidents
Like the unthinkable accidents.
It may have ripped into some insoluble
Problems of unspeakable dimensions
Throwing them into being helpless Individuals battered by burgeoning
Never being able to come close to one
Another again
Disease or death may not be ruled out
As the hindrances to the flowering of a
Florid relation between friends.
Friends are shocked to have been left to
Themselves and to have been forced to
Forge alone in the wilderness
With the friends keeping away from giving
Protections possibly under compulsions.
It’s heartening when we chance upon
They’ve left us angrily casting aspersions
We’re to blame for their leaving us alone.
It’s sad to know some have died
But some are still happily alive
Yet continuing to keep us aloof!
It beggars description and
We’re unable to hold in imagination
What’s in store for us sans our
Good old friends and our parents
Already dead.
We’re depressed to know for certain
Some of my poet friends known for
Their poetic talents are no more on
This earth to continue to give their
Intellectually enriched feedback!
We wish we were all friends remaining
United by mutual love and respect for one Another and never being dead
Doing our best to build up an earthly Heaven in this February, the month of love,
Immortalized by the great St.Valentine by Setting an eternal example many, many Ages back !


Copyright@ Subash C. Ghose, Phd
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Posted 5:20 pm | Wednesday, 09 March 2022 |

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