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A Quiet Vow

Weekly Selected Poem: Jannatul Nayeem

Jannatul Nayeem   |   Sunday, 30 April 2023 | Print

Weekly Selected Poem: Jannatul Nayeem

Jannatul Nayeem

A Quiet Vow


.A vow I make in my mind every day.
A vow I make in my heart before I sleep every night.
A vow I make with every single breath I take.
All the days, the months, the years pass by,
I continue to hold it inside me so tight.
Like my breath, it’s unseen from outside.
Staying inside me secretly and quietly.
Only I can feel it. I can lean on it; so insane!
Keep telling myself I am not someone unknown
where you want to be known.
I am hopeful, I am a believer in your widespread scope.
Nothing but a song of silent peace, energy and love of yours,
I always have been there being invisible tears.
I am your mentor who carefully guided you how to avoid all the fears.
I am a silent meditation of your mind.
and heart when you become so unkind.
I am your quality, I am your totality.
I am yours, only yours but none in reality.



Copyright: Jannatul Nayeem

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Posted 4:38 pm | Sunday, 30 April 2023 |

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