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We welcome you to the Global Poet and Poetry portal, which will enable us to connect with poets worldwide and bridge the gap between languages and geographical locations. We are flexible and respect everyone from every corner of the globe, For the poets who wish to publish their writing in their native language, we request to send the poems translated into English along with the original. Likewise, the best works will find a place on our website ( We are also looking forward to publishing an anthology every six months with some selected works. Furthermore, we are delighted to share that a poetry contest will be held every week, and the winning entries will be published on our website.

We cherish your creativity and wish you to unleash your poetic excellence. Let’s connect to be successful in our poetic endeavour.

We proudly announce that the Global Poet and Poetry website will accept and publish the poetry only from the Facebook Group and website platform members. We would request our beloved poets to send the poems for publication in the following designated categories. The categories are; Daily Selected Poems, Global Poet, Poetry for Peace, Poetry Challenges, E-book publication and the poetry anthology, which will publish once every six months from the selected poets.

Selection of the Poetry- The poems are being published on our Facebook group platform, and we also can send them by emailing us;

Daily Selected Poems- we, the admin, select the poems shared on the Fb group platform or send us by email mentioning the categories of Daily Selected Poems. Would you please send us a copy of the Facebook shared link to; The poets need to specify the submission categories that are advisable.

Global Poet- It prioritises the poet, who is an active and regular FB group participant, and has maximum effort for the Facebook platform and follows the activities.
If you wish to publish your poems as a Global Poet, please ensure that you need to send at least 5 or more poems, a brief biography and a profile picture.

Poetry Challenge- We normally announce the poem submission on a particular occasion to participate in the contest. Would you please check our website and the Facebook group for the announcement regularly?

E-book publication- if you wish to publish your poetry collection, please get in touch with us directly by submitting your work, including a biography, at least 50 poems in English, or if you wish to publish in your own language, we need the translated poems with the original native language. Please send your e-book poetry in a Word file, including a profile picture.

Please make sure all your work should be in English or a native language but with English translation. All participants of any of the above categories should be members of the Facebook group platform and a member/subscribers of the website. Would you please check the following link to be a member of both platforms? Please make sure all your work should be in English or a native language but with English translation.

N.B: the image-based poems are not acceptable or PDF files. Only we accept Word files, or you can directly paste them on the body of the email.
Please note; we should not accept any plagiarism work, or if found, the works will be rejected, and we may take action against it. Plagiarism is always strictly- No!

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