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Global Poet : Shuchi Patra

Shuchi Patra   |   Thursday, 24 June 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Shuchi Patra

Shuchi Patra

Poet Shuchi Patra of India

Shuchi Patra is an Indian poetess, an ingenious, talented personality, born in Nagpur, living in Pune, Maharashtra State of India. Her mother and father being both retired as renowned and acclaimed professors of English Literature. So she got fond of literature and reading from her childhood. Her mother is an eminent and renowned published contemporary poet, and it’s the mother who is Shuchi’s ideal inspiration in literature.
The poetry runs through her blood, and she started writing poetry in the early days of her school. She is an Information Technology professional serving for about 20 years, mostly employed in India, and worked in the US.
After a long break, she has passionately dived again into the poetry world and starts publishing her own Shuchi’s Page, where she keeps penning down her thoughts, expressions in the form of poetry. She has been engaged in writing and being featured and awarded from many online literary forums. It has been noticed that she starts earning readers attention and positive responses for her creativities within a short period.
As Shuchi says, poetry is not just an expression of thoughts and feelings, but it is a way of getting emotional passage and overcoming the stress in daily life.
Poet Shuchi also a great music lover and a singer; her affection for literature and the cultural world is a vivid exploration of perspective life. The mother of two children, Shuchi is equally innovative in developing her career and access to the arts and literature as crucial to achieving her goal.


Poetry of Shuchi Patra




‘Hope’ is the things with feathers
Making all woes and worries so light
With wings to fly beyond the skies and horizons
Hope lights the dimming lamps with a lively luminance
Life is the boat that navigates choppy seas,
Only on the sails of hope
Hope can pull a sinking soul from the quagmire of deadly despair
Hope blooms on the pulchritude of love blossoms
It’s the cool and calming cloud that bestows showers of serendipity
Hope is the lighthouse that guides all the ships of lives safely to the shores…
Infusing courage and strength in every heart!


Haunting Questions!


I am not angry with life,
I am distressed by the questions life puts
The mysteries of life
Why is there so much disparity of destinies
So much discrimination in our world?
One takes birth in a rich family while the other is poor
Why is life rosy and full of health
While others struggle with small spells of serendipity?
Sufferings and calamities are their lifelong companions
Why is life a generous shower from heaven for some…
It’s a lonely road for others
It’s just thorns, sharp stones for some
Why are some undeservedly pampered
While some have to struggle to please others
who don’t see their worth…
Some get love at the drop of a hat…
Others remain loveless lifelong,
Some are understood so easily whatever they do
While others are misunderstood whatever they do?
What is the purpose of our birth?
The cycle of birth, childhood, youth and old age.
Death and rebirth…
Is this endless..?
These questions haunt me perpetually.
My mind, my heart and soul yearns for answers!


(Metaphorical Poem)
Silver lining


When my life is but dark clouds…
My problems, pains and worries are
Thunder and lightning…
When my heart is swept off
In the tumultuous raging storm
When the boat of mine world, rocks
Dangerously recklessly
Swaying in the tempest
My thoughts, the many gigantic waves
Heaving, crashing on the shores
Then hope is the sails of my lifeboat
Optimistic and positivity are the,
White and light fluffy clouds
My dreams are the various magical birds flitting by
Taking flights into the sky
Trying to touch the stars…
The love in my life is the clouds silver lining!


The steep climb!


Climbing, climbing higher and higher.
But what is my destination,
Am I on the right path and the right direction?
Climb higher to reach your goals…
Climb high to touch the sky and feel the stars twinkling by
Climb and lend a hand to all as you ascend step by step
Climb up but never lose your ground, as you came from the earth and will go back to your mother…
Climb the steep stairs, never lose faith in him
who is your guide, your support
Climb higher to reach great heights
Not just in the material realm
But in the spiritual one that’s what is our reason to be born
Climb above all temptations, desires and obsessions
Climb higher till you reach your ultimate destination!


Magical and Powerful are Words!


Words…oh their influence and power are as vast
And fathomless as an ocean
They can lift you into the dreamy, magical realms
Of love, amour, beauty, kindness and compassion
Or drag you into the marshy quagmire of hurt, despair and pain
They have the power to inspire to motivate, and encourage you to rise to the stars…
Achieve the impossible…
Or they can slash your heart, your dreams to pieces
By their sharpness, rudeness and callousness
Oh, beware of your tongue; keep it under control
For words are more powerful than a sword or the deadliest of weapons!

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