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Global Poet : Okesola Samson Abioye

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Global Poet : Okesola Samson Abioye

Okesola Samson Abioye

-ফাইল ছবি

Poet Okesola Samson Abioye of Nigeria

Okesola Samson Abioye is the youngest poet of the Global Poet and Poetry Group,  born in Oyo State, Nigeria.  He is a devoted Christian, grew up in Saki west local government, where he attended Nurul Yekeen Primary School and attended Saki Parapo Community Grammar school from 2014 to 2020. He has just finished his O’ Level certificate. He is a talented young boy who is influenced by his early years of age to writing poetry. He is an extraordinarily ambitious poetic young man.


Poetry by Okesola Samson Abioye


Song of dream

I’m a Sun came up upon the left
Out of the sea came he!
And he shone bright, and on the right
Went down into the sea.

Indelible scar arose mine
Penetrated my garden grove
By Winces wild it weak and indulged mine.
On arily reminiscent on esteemed fragrance candles.

It is an extraordinary
to guide my dream,
glanced on nor preservative
I weep on from my pain without a motivator
Oh! day by day I seek on
From time to time I pray on.
Suffering and junketing around the streets.
It seems as derailment dungeon that hunting and hound

Oh! the zeal to accomplish my dream
How will I portrait my dream to reality?
I struggle in line with bewildered
If I lost the dare to secure my
misery will become my future promise
Who will be my shore to cross the border of ember?


It’s a wish of the moon and sun to shine;
Both work in and out respective times.
The Sun blessed in the morning;
Moon blessed in the evening.
The Sun should shine;
The Moon should bright.

Oh! To wish is to accompany the dream.
Oh! it is narrowly a wide race
Oh! It is deliciously nauseous in tasty
And sometimes unpalatable but difficult to split.

Oh! From dexterity land, I heard the craving voice.
From the Faraway land I was, I heard the voice.
I smite In my dream and wore my clothes.
I started my journey to dire land.
On my way, I saw the fire dancing in the water.
I ran, ran for my dear life.
I lost my fitting cap on Helter skelter.

Oh! where are we?
In the bush we are!
When the wish let to vultures,
Truly the trees grow but bearing not a fruit.
Our farmers plant seeds without ripping.
Oh! Dire dreams led to destruction.

World empowerment

A woman, a nurturer of the world;
An institution where all hearts wine and dine from being eggs to cocks.
Oh! from the rib, a woman rides the world!
highly, the world is held by a woman.

Oh, the pride is unbearable,
From one to two leads to uncountable,
Without women, the world would not be desirable,
And sometimes leads to being incorrigible.

Oh without women, hearts would be flooded with unseen hope.
Under fire, the world would hope.
In summer, the world would pray for snow,
Ah! Children would grow with pain and sorrow.

Oh! men are running in darkness
Oh! Who will show the brightness?
Ah! Let them be praised
From day to day, make them be graced.

Oh! where is the preacher,
Who can spare the sermon?
Without women, children would wander in the den of destruction.
Without women, honky sounds of sorrow would boom.

Fake Admission

The mistake of the night bleeding from generation to generation,
Adhere to the ancestor communication,
Working towards misconduct
Rehabilitation, reconciliation and reconstruction lead to segregation.

What is the mistake of ancient inspiration,
illiteracy led them to build the wrong foundation.
Neglected the authority because of ensuring administration,
And led a long motion to destruction.

Oh, show us the differentiation,
An ancient and modernization.
Show the status of the population,
with essential administration.
Hopeful for the greatest of amalgamation.

Oh, let be paddle with emotion,
Concentrate on inspiration.
Nothing to show after the election,
Remember the reality before cast thy election.
Before the election shake hands together,
after election watching them on television.
Let seek together in other to escape from the dusk
depressions and to have a great production.


All rights reserve © Poet Okesola Samson Abioye

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