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Poet of the Day : Moitreyee Raju

Moitreyee Raju   |   Tuesday, 01 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Moitreyee Raju

Moitreyee Raju


Moitreyee Raju

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1st April 2021, 22nd May 2021 and 26th June 2021



All I want is your words O’ Poet!
Take me to the land of your words, my Poet!
Those words I cannot forgo
ones I heard from you many rains ago;
’twas a rainy night
when your words felt me and loved me,
and thus
my heart pains when the sky rains!
Tonight, I yearn for the rainfall of your words…
O’ Poet!
Your words were a placid lake
in which I could drown and yet be awake;
Your words emanated pain
that elevated me to an alluring plain;
I remember, you once said,
pain brews beauty and beauty accrues love
I am in love…
with the mellowed melody of your words
My Poet!
Tonight is not a starry starry night.
It’s a restless night
that’s lost its desire to fight…
all those rain-soaked emotions, now ripe,
and ripe enough to fly
to that distant horizon of my mind
where your words are still warm and alive.
Just like the swirling clouds
that has now canopied the nighttide sky,
your words had once engulfed my every sigh.
The birthing of amour then within me
was like the thundery happenstance
now happening around me.
I consign myself to the rainfall..
that cascades me like a waterfall;
I can hear your voice now,
I can hear your words now,
I am like the earth now,
that parched earth who parts her lips
to savour that briny earthiness of bliss!
All I yearn for is your words!
Your those milky words that milked my desire
to love you like fire;
Where are you, My Poet?




It is evening..
and standing by the window
I am gazing at the serene azure sky;
Today, is that memorable day
And your thoughts have come to engage my mind…
With each passing moment as the sun is venting its grace
and filling the sky with kaleidoscopic hues,
The cottony clouds look enraptured
waiting to be bedecked in red and golden fuse;
A cursory distraction…
that soon metamorphoses into a painless ache;
Far away when i hear the cuckoo cry, i wonder,
“Is it yearning for its mate?”
“I’m forlorn my friend, and I’m thinking of you…
but i cannot tell if you’re thinking of me too…”
Slowly, nature is diffusing its grace,
but for once, I’m not impressed!
‘Cause there is something else, that is much more intense…
it’s called melancholy,
and it’s pouring bit by bit into my self…
The memorabilia of the setting sun
that you left behind
while bidding adieu one last time…
My heart seems to have imprisoned that moment…
The moment that separated me, from thine;
How can I forget…
Those long walks, those long talks?
Those endless hours of plucking flowers..?
Those mindful roams around winding roads?
Those flying kites and those starry nights..?
Making a huddle while playing in the puddle?
Chasing dragonflies and chasing butterflies?
Smelling the petrichor, after the rain galore?
The winsome smile after running a mile?
These vivid memories that i clearly visualize…
today and always through my mind’s eye;
Do you see them too, my friend?
Oh! how i wish I could tell…
And now, as the sun gets engulfed into the far horizon..
A pall of gloom descends upon me;
And my watery eyes seems to say
“When will you come back, my mate?”



When I held you tight
one lustrously artistic night
You looked at me with blurry eyes
and I knew you were mine..
The silvery moon in the indigo sky,
eyed me with curious eyes;
The fragrance of jasmine nearby
created intimate patterns in my mind…
And my fluorescent thoughts
instantly grew wings to fly…!
But the quietly fading night
and my slowly turning apprehensive mind
felt resemblant for a while;
I looked moon wards…
melancholy was strewn all around her!
She’ll soon lose her shine
with the passing evanescent night;
An unrequited love…her pine;
Her pine so deep
that it made me weep
and the lanes and by lanes of my fragile heart
began to speak
boundlessly unrestrained
about the remnants of my once
unrequited love!
“I’m not a celestial being, O Moon!
I am marooned in the island of unhappiness
unarmed unequipped to deal
with so much sadness….
My heart wants to swoon and croon like you O’ Moon!
Pray tell me, will my love ever be cocooned?
The twilight colours were about to descent
A surreal fuse of indigo and ultramarine
created a moment so serene,
All at once a flash of light
unrolled on the twilight sky,
Like a carpet of red and gold
in the horizon fold….
that slowly began to unfold;
The birds began singing
their song of survival
that felt like an implicit note of revival!
I looked at you with searching eyes…
My darling!
Can you not read
the tides of my rivery heart…
One that rises and ebbs
with your every breath…?
And then as if you read my mind
you looked at me
once again with those blurry eyes,
and then looked at the clear blue sky
and a flock of birds flying by;
And all at once
you sighed and cried,
“I want to fly and be alive
But with you by my side
Till the winter of my life!”




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