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Father’s Day 2022: Carmelino Pelleriti

Carmelino Pelleriti   |   Sunday, 19 June 2022 | Print

Father’s Day 2022: Carmelino Pelleriti
(a poem I wrote about my Dad)
suffer me through life , by chance
be my horse like beast of burden
kick me in my countenance
cast me down long stairs that are wooden
teach me to walk all over again
the rocks we played with as poor children
force me to wear my steel helmet
in case my crossed eyes aren’t looking
give me holes for these two hands
the hairs of which are far too many
the looks of which work harder than
the callused feet of my wife, Mary
work me hard to overcome
an ocean and it’s new found country
with a tongue as thick as one
whose mouth is very salivary
carry these two weightful pockets
full of all this minted metal
next to all this paper money
the guarantee of which is frugal
leave me not when we’re together
alone to bear the cost of children
and to doubly mourn thy wives
whose challenges were an aversion
overlook my hard appearance
entertain my loud flirtation
conflagrate my beligerence
chuckle at my instigations
teach me a trade I would not trade
not for my wives or for my children
see how I put them before
my friends who show no visitation
see how a hard life calcified
but not for the love of family
every bit of faith inside
until they brought it out of me
just look at the way I solemnly died
I knew where I was going
I even refused my last rights
I never needed a priest to tell me.
Carmelino Pelleriti
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Posted 6:54 pm | Sunday, 19 June 2022 |

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