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Poet of the Day : Reshma Sabrina Sewpat

Reshma Sabrina Sewpat   |   Wednesday, 07 July 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Reshma Sabrina Sewpat

Reshma Sabrina Sewpat


Reshma Sabrina Sewpat

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5th July 2021



“We can never bring back the joys of yesterday but the memories indented our subconscious gives the heart a reason to sing.”
Sabrina Sewpath

Sweetened with the dribbled honey, the notes of yesteryear sings.
As my memory needs no jive of a percussion artist to revive.
A vibrant encore duly of the sweetest memories,
leaving a turtle`s pace of stretch to the bitter sadness behind.
Today the vibe salutes only a mirage,
yesteryear had been a breathing depiction of a lively truth.
That smile, that mirth of genuine contort of animated happiness,
allows for my smile to broaden as to be recognized as a jester to the unknown.
The love for life that you embraced and guzzled by solid gratitude,
leaves me ashamed that you lost so much but learnt appreciation.
When the ice melted, you never washed away to sadness,
instead you valued attribution to the quenching of your thirst.
The dance of life awakened the music when you strode the steps.
The sweet memories evoked from within me,
becomes sufficient to fill up my larder for a lifetime.
Gracious enough to allow our sweet memories never to fade.
You may be gone but you still beat to the drum of my heart.
Memories gainfully access me to your wonder.
You were sweet; together we were sweet..

© Reshma Sabrina Sewpat


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