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Mother’s Day 2022

Sadia Nazib   |   Wednesday, 11 May 2022 | Print

Mother’s Day 2022

Sadia Nazib

My Mother


My mother has a piece of the sun on her chest
When I am denuded and quivering
in retaliation blows of life,
When removed, the soil under the feet
and whereas feeling humiliated,
when the bone and marrow impaled
with an intense cold of pain,
when courage lashed with beggar’s exhaustion
I feel the warmth that saves me in deep compassion!
And that she is my mother.

My mother has a piece of the sun on her chest
Whose warmth can blow away
the humiliated frosted style!
When tired of paddling the river like shark life
and the skeletal remains mine
then I seek refuge like a child
in intense warmness and affection of the mother’s bosom.
My mother
A golden sun
A lustrous shiny day.
Copyright by Sadia Nazib

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Posted 4:08 pm | Wednesday, 11 May 2022 |

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