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Weekly Selected Poem: Martin Gedge

Martin Gedge   |   Saturday, 12 March 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poem: Martin Gedge

Martin Gedge


Adrift out on the ocean a sailor lost at sea
A sunken boat a wreck to float a moat of mystery
There is death to whiff the water and there’s blood to bleed the blue
From the cold and dark with teeth as sharp a shark is after you
The situation is frantic and you panic at the sight
Of every fin that swims right in to kindly swipe a bite
And your heart keeps beating faster as you wrestle with your fear
Your life goes by your roving eye as the end is drawing near
You feel the waves come rushing currents gushing around your thigh
You try to scream but nothing seems to go without
It’s just you against your rival with survival in your hand
One on one under the sun it’s fish against the man
Round and round it circles slowly moving in and out
Through the fray to study prey and play the game no doubt
The more it creeps in closer the more colder that you feel
Your body floats there lifeless that this shit is getting real
And when the eyes get heavy like a Chevy gear in drive
A wave over emotions on the oceans you must dive
From the deep, you keep collected and your wits to be informed
When eyes of black attack to thunder crack and lightning storm
It hits you like wall of stone each bone of every blow
But dare not die fighting to try to throw with what you know
You feel the clench wrapped in the fence a rip beyond belief
To take you down each single round beyond the barren reef
And then you flip with tightening grip to ship into its spout
In the eyes of death and lasting breath to finally spit you out
As sea to settle silence wreckless violence it subsides
On the wings of the Poseidon on the tides on which she rides
Of a god of water sod to get the nod of pain no more
A sailor sights his saviour as he wavers to the shore…
Copyright@Martin Gedge
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Posted 3:59 pm | Saturday, 12 March 2022

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