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Jay Basu   |   Wednesday, 16 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day

Jay Basu


Jay Basu

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15th June 2021


Do we live life in process or in intermittent light?
If you ask me, dear! Recall the days you lived up
And how did you feel living your left back days?
I would say, I have been dead as a log except
In the rare moment’s flicker
When I am most myself and
Least personal…
And I would rejoin then
I traversed a long way
To catch that moment
Something of its sparkle
Something of its flavour
Only in those moments
Of glowing passion, and aliveness
Did I live my life in its quintessence
If you ask me, dear, what do you mean
You sound quite a riddle in this coupling
Of your ‘most myself’ and ‘least personal’
I would say, I live myself most living into
The sun breaking a blushing virgin dawn
The shine of the moon tipping the hilltops
The gumless baby giggle in mother’s lap
The tearing eyes of woman just widowed
And handed a paper, Death due to Covid
The cool cooing of doves in a sultry noon
The purple of a sunbird enticing a mate
The mimicked mate call of a tiger luring
His tigress to a Corbett bullet in Kumaon
So on and so forth…
I am “most myself” living beyond my personal being
I just try to lift the milky mist that covers and smothers
A truth, hidden and untold, to see it as it hides again
Look! A myriad of meanings funnels to me in a flash
After a long walk and groping in life, dull and veiled
And personal…

©Jay Basu


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