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Daily Selected Poems : Fady Bouaz

Fady Bouaz   |   Tuesday, 17 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Fady Bouaz

Fady Bouaz



Don’t say this is what God has decreed and willed,
this is the results of your actions, what you
do is a reflection of the result, good or evil
Don’t blame God for what you don’t like,
from the beginning, you have betrayed God
and followed Satan, your only concern is to
achieve your own selfish interests,
even when you pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness,
you pray for a special purpose in extreme hypocrisy
Yes, God is mercy and forgiveness,
but he is punishment and revenge,
God will punish the sinners and burn them with hellfire
Don’t pray while you are loyal to your evil devil
You pray for mercy, and you are not merciful to the servants of God
You pray for forgiveness while you do everything evil
that God has forbidden to do.
Even you kill, destroy, torture and enslave in the name of
God and his religions.
You continue to do the evil and forbidden things
and everything sinful and evil,
as if you are competing with satan,
over who is the worst and the most evil
God is not what you think, o corrupt, conceited,
evil one, God existence is not to fulfil your evil selfish
interests, God is peace, love, justice and equality,
neither racism nor sectarianism

When you realize this, you will be able to take the right path,
which God wants for all of us, which brings us back to his heaven.



The Star


In the dark nights
We follow the lights
Of the bright stars
He was a star illuminates
The ignorance darkness
His poetic works words
Bright shining stars
Illuminate by the lights
Of knowledge, the darkness
Of the human minds
To be poetic torches
On the dark lifeways
Of the existence of humans
Immortal good morals
Through history times
To continue reminding us
About a great man was
In the past, between us
And he is still with us
By his poetic works
To be bright poetic memories
From his poetic expressions
As one of the poetic souls



Unfortunately, life is just three words
Born, suffer, die
Nothing is forever
As we meet we part
As we come we go
We are born and cry and grow in suffering from pains and sadness
And we leave crying without we take anything
From this hell of the continuous torment.


Our delusional beliefs

We believe in what we do not realize
And we believe in everything that is said about Him
As if our beliefs are to believe in what we imagine
Religions teach us to believe everything is said about what we do not know
Thus begins the assassination for freedom of human consciousness since childhood
So we became the servants for our imagined ideas canned and stored in our minds
that is imprisoned in the dark caves of the imagination
And we became chasing the shadows in the darkness
And this is the reason for differences in the opinion and belief
And this is the reason for the division and inconsistency
And this is the reason for the hatred and fighting
And this is the reason for the sectarian and the emergence of racism
Our delusional beliefs prevent us from we all together live in peace with love.


All rights reserve © Poet Fady Bouaz

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