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Som Mozumdar


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16th March 2021

Sharmila Shrestha



Mazumder Som

The Best Poem and Poet of the Day

15th March 2021

Not Anymore

Words do not arrive with much ado any more
they tiptoe in my heart without any furore
they arrive with guilty gait of someone passed it’s prime
willing to welcome defeat as acknowledged crime
I hear their whining steadily in my psyche
I feel them in whole entity regardless of my like.
Desires are not so aggressive these days
agrees to whatever the situation says
pale noons of melancholic gloom
or dark starry nights of midnight blue
pathetic as violated violin plays the dirge
a whimpering symphony of emotional surge.
Words do not transform into emotion often
innumerable cups of caffeinated concentration
continued sleepless nocturnal effort
doesn’t prove to be of any useful pursuit
frustration creeps in like leeches stealthily
sucking up the last drop of intent from body.
I pray, plea and prostrate to seek propriety
I beg with folded ego for the sobriety
None really pays any heed
words don’t appear in need
emotions are made to order
Love is not an emotion anymore
but a barter….


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Posted 11:29 pm | Monday, 31 May 2021

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