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Daily Selected Poems : Rajani Mula

Rajani Mula   |   Monday, 06 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Rajani Mula

Rajani Mula

Bleeding Bark in Smoke

He found her a seed of his need
Nurtured it with utmost care and soulful feed
Till it grew big enough to offer him fruits
He is a skilful gardener of great repute
He is good at reaping the crop
Unmindful of the hurts of the tree, he grabs fruits on top
The tree that couldn’t find his care
Which was like its manure
Started wilting in awaits sadly
An elderly tree that knew its pain clearly
told the secret of the gardener
Which was hard nut to crack for the tree to be a believer
It then starved itself till it got pale
Its fruits became hardly relishable
The tree wanted to prove that the gardener still would care it
Till the gardener came with an axe to it
Aghast was the tree when it was killed with a sharp stroke
Bleeding its bark too was burnt, guarding himself against smoke!


You’re In Me


I choose to be with you
With you in memories
With you in dreams dear
With you in silence soulful
With you in the sun and moon
With you in the wind and rain
With you in the life and death
I am always with you though without you
I am always with you though I can’t touch you
I feel you always but
I hear you always but
I see you always but
You’re in me
You’re in me from where you can’t be taken away
You’re in me from where you can’t be erased forever
You’re a failure forever
in your attempts of hurting me!
in your attempts of losing me!
You’re none but myself
hating you is to hate self
forgetting you is to forget self
I can’t hate myself for the world
I can’t forget myself for this life
It’s I who build me
I can’t break myself
Your love in me made me an idol of love
To love you is to live
To live is to love you
you’re in me
you’re myself.


Copyright@Rajani Mula


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Posted 3:17 pm | Monday, 06 September 2021

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