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Poetry for Peace: Kamrun Nahar

Kamrun Nahar   |   Saturday, 05 June 2021 | Print

Poetry for Peace: Kamrun Nahar

Kamrun Nahar



A self-confident face
When every day stands before the mirror
So many shadows glide in the same face.
Only the psyche thoughts
No one can ever grasp it.
Thousands of birds lose their path
and get trapped in this psychological game.
Fall into the trap to reach an unknown destination
But deliberately gets stuck in an illusion.
They are not wise enough to get rescued from it,
They may not adept, or maybe familiar with it.
Still, no one able to tear the ray of this illusion.
Every jiffy, a person survives with hope
Waiting for something to happen like magic!
Difficult times have always around in everyone’s life,
That can shatter everything
and can pish the ray of hope,
But, with denying the enchantment,
and breaking every negative thought.
Maybe some dreams always stir up in mind,
And hold a strong lantern.
But emotion is completely a mirage.
And hope means nothing, just a blank blue sky.


Copyright@Kamrun Nahar


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Posted 11:26 pm | Saturday, 05 June 2021 |

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