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Daily Selected Poems : Prasanna Bhatta

Prasanna Bhatta   |   Wednesday, 03 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Prasanna Bhatta

Prasanna Bhatta


Hungry stomach,
Greedy mind,
empty purse
Don’t know
what is vice,
& what is virtue.
Thirsty tongue,
Empty mind,
Deserted life
don’t know
what is pure
and what is impure.
Passionate mind
Swollen lips
Radiant eyes
Bashful smile
Doesn’t know
What is lover or love
Poorness is preposterous
Ever ready to make ravenous
As life is for chivalrous
Be alert & cautious
Never put life in manner of


Mother Earth

Well-to-do man,
Think, man! for the human,
Well, thought of well being,
Well thought out human being.
Be well in with
your Mother Earth.
Earth is so kind,
enlivening to listen our sound.
Be ever ready to nurture us in
as she is full of lenience.
Showing her goodliness and
drenches our heart and thought
with her love and affection to
fulfill our desires.
As our lovely and lovable Mother
never hesitates or murmurs,
to show her never-ending love and affection to make us cheer.
Amidst all sorrow and sufferings,
pleasure and happiness,
Cool breeze blows & coloured
flower blooms.
Recycling of hues of seasons,
tint &tone of nature
is going on consistently to cheer.
Under twinkling stars, on the grassy land,
she shows the beauty in the world.
When, under moan and mourn, one is in the depth of frustration,
Mother is always active to make him be over the moon.
Still, there are ill-thought and ill-mind,
always poke their nose & stare their red eyes on the ground.
Forbidding mere Concepcion and incongruous juxtaposition from her domain
fills the story of seasonal super and superb sacredness.
Looking like natural nectar flows on,
I like to spend on soft lap.
Gazing at the sun & sky
Where clouds in different forms
colour the nature land,
that I love and like my world.



Silence shows surprise and
suspicious speech in
sustainable stage.
Super and spectacular
Speech specifies and spells
sphere and spice.
Spirit sprouts from soul and
spreads in society to
solidify safety and security
*Strengthen your solemn soul
silently and solicitously,
Sitting in silence strengthens
Stunning supremacy


Oh, My Dear Sweet Pie


Reddish rays of
the setting Sun
reflecting on the sand looks
as gorgeous as ripe rice field.
Looking at
the red apple
setting in the west,
My eye smote
a grown up sweet pie
wandering there
without a word.
Beckoning her,
I thought to spend sometime
to remove solitariness.
She came near
and sat close to me
giving a heartfelt smile ,
which was
as pure as lily flowers.
Her body was
as grey as smoke
in the evening,
Face looked
as black as raven
in the evening.
Giving some biscuits,
told her to sing
a song gaily
Replied me,
to sing the song
is blessed to
poets and singers charmingly.
She let me move my hand
on her swelling body,
Didn’t say, only gave
a hearty smile heartily.
She closed to me
nearer and nearer,
I got immense pleasure
with her more and more.
I stood to
leave the place.
She followed me in surprise,
just gave a blissful smile.
Coming after me,
both of us arrived at house,
Without a slightest question
of leaving,
she was all smiling.
I smiled and thought
how innocent she was.
I let her enter my room
and dine with me.
She came and slept
beside me,
just a lovely smile
on her face.
I felt her warmth
of her body,
She let me put
on her fleshy body.
Putting hand on her body,
I dreamt a dream
Asif and I were in the seventh valley.
In the morning,
I called her,
Oh Sweet Pie, come.
She came and licked my feet




Nevermore. (never again)
Never ever, ( used to emphasize
Never Never. (on hire purpose)
Never and never. ( used irritatingly
Never never, never & never
Never believe anyway to an unknown lady’s laughter,
How beautiful she might be!
She might be guise in disguise,
Be sure
be always as tough as leather
Never be as light as feather.
Never never, Never and never,
Never believe
a business man’s laughter in the market,
How gentle a person looks perfect!
The person might be in mask tight.
He/she as cunning as fox in pursuits.
Never never, never & never
Never believe a lady’s love
How gentle& charming might be,
Whose verse is as changeable as moon,
Her love might have some reason behind known
Never never, Never & never
Never ascertain to get a certificate,
It depends on horse sense,
Post a poem for participation,
Life is participating but not winning the game in every competition.
Be sure,
Make it sure
A little sure or fully sure
But for sure,
Sure as eggs are eggs
Society is full of pollution,
You have to search your solution,
As all the glitters are not gold
Be bold when you are sold
Be always as good as gold
Keeping in mind, over is God.
Copyright reserved
@ Prasanna Bhatta, India.


Poetry, Everest of the Himalayas


You are of Everest of the Himalayas,
The highest peak of poetry languages.
Touching your apex is easy
But staying on is of difficulty.
Change your form time to time,
difficult to resist in the existence.
Touching the apex in summer is no problem,
Only calculating the height and size and sum.
No rhythm, no rhyme, no device and no rule,
only mention theme.
In the Winter, shows serenity,
Covered with snowy beauty.
Looks calm, quiet & attractive,
Like a charmless saint in eve.
In the Spring, looks charming
With green signal of everything,
Spring poetry is worthy &not vile Full of word,
rhythm, rhyme, device
But nobody goes in springtime,
Most like to go on only theme.
Copyright@Prasanna Bhatta
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