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Daily Selected Poems : Refik Martinović

Refik Martinović   |   Wednesday, 22 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Refik Martinović

Refik Martinović

The secret

I’m keeping you
on white mornings
who dream
in the glow of your eyes
and nebulous horizons
who love the awakened day
in the first rays of the sun
which shyly protrudes
behind distant vistas
which I swear by prayer
to not be you yet.
… my morning.
I’m keeping you
in rosy twilight
the most beautiful colors
which immerse
into a red piece of sky
where they are still alone
silhouettes of birds running
to turn off the light of day
to drown you in dreams
which I will keep until morning
under your dreamer.
… long mine.
I’m keeping you
in the scents of dark nights
who walk
neighborly courtyards
with a whisper of green grass
waiting for the dew
to wet the leaves
of our hopes
and unquenchable longings.
… a bright star.
I’m keeping you
in days and years
which pass
and girls like sandstone
I’m keeping you
as if life will
last forever
… my eternity.
I hide you the most
in the last stanza of the poem
she knows the most about us
because you are not ordinary…
My secret.




He comes in the evening of the wound
in the twilight of the rosy distances
when the silences turn yellow
hidden in the shadows
open canopy
old linden trees
and begins his poetry
and some long-known chords
to empty my tears with nirvana
with a song to color my memories
which for years
at the bottom of the dormant soul.
Sing the bird tonight
your heavenly songs
be forgotten
and extinguished sorrow
revived in the scent of linden
and your double sounds
I’m going to make a nest tonight
next to yours
to listen to you until dawn
I will lower the sky
under your wings
and lull the river to sleep
and young aspens
and guard your valleys.
Here are the descending stars
to wash their faces
water under the stone
flickering like doves
when in the blink of the sun
dandruff runs
in front of the hawks.
Don’t force it
a mockingbird
she only invokes love
giving it to the deaf night
and lonely silences
and my longing that restlessness
listens to wonderful melodies
… and the others
on the other side of the rainbow
and those full of joy and sorrow
and those that are written
when distances breathe in silence
and when lindens smell
and waits sigh
and the sad ones
when the autumn rains fall
and the ones I don’t like
when you are not mine anymore.
Don’t make a mockingbird
she just calls love.
Refik Martinović



The moment of eternity


It’s hard to describe
the unforgettable one
July night
when you gave me eternity
which is invisible
sneaked down our alley
while the children slept
on a forbidden night.
And we are like two worlds
silent with the stars
and waited for a mild moon gift
who is cheeky and passionate
peered out our window
caressing boiling longings
in our night.
You half-brain
you wandered with your lips in the darkness
looking for hot springs
sources of growth
… I loved watching you
how your thighs whiten
in the moonlight
as the breasts raced
like restless lambs
under a silk shirt
slightly hiding
ancient beauty
of the female body
… the night went by
waiting for the white morning
and you left me
a moment of eternal duration
and remained in me forever.


Copyright@Refik Martinović

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Posted 11:24 am | Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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