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Daily Selected Poems : Arundhati Mukherjee

Arundhati Mukherjee   |   Saturday, 02 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Arundhati Mukherjee

Arundhati Mukherjee

Emerging India: Sunset to Sunrise

Tribute to Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi

Bharat Varsha, our beloved Motherland,
the land of rivers, the land of mountains, our dreamland,
an ancient civilization, our rich cultural heritage,
grounds us firmly, as our rich traditional values are vintage.
India our motherland and we are inseparable,
as we are tied by an invincible bond so adorable.
Together our country and we Indians from time to time,
have weathered many storms, footprints remain in sands of time.
Our beloved country emerged from the apocalypse,
from the dust we arise everytime , none can eclipse,
the sun of India, as from sunset to sunrise we rise;
we rose like a Phoenix from the pandemic, to alls surprise.
As pandemic caused disruption,
we rewired, redefined and renewed, with transformation.
In technological disruption, new avenues, innovation we found solution,
to make Indian flag fly high,as our economy revived in anticipation.
A new India is emerging with digitalization,
thrust in the sectors of renewables, mobility, and hydrogen becomes a revolution,
this will pave a pathway of sustainable growth,
as clean energy will alter our economy as all knoweth.
Clean and green is slogan of today,
as we March forward on the 75th independence anniversary and foray,
in to new technological innovations, in the era of 4th industrial revolution,
and many more to do as we Indian stand together, in absolute oblation.
As a new India emerges from suset to sunrise,
we as individuals and collectively uprise,
our dream India, our team India, transform,
to make high our standards globally and revive reform.


In Dependence lies Independence


We are all woven by a jewelled net, the Indras net,
the integral unity of the whole manifests into the parts,
the parts aspire to unite with the whole,
each jewel reflects all the other,
as we are all jewels in the infinite indras net.
In each is reflected all and the individual jewel is reflected in all.
Thus we are all intertwined with our thoughts and action,
affecting the whole world and the world affecting us.
Science, spirituality, culture, art,
are but parts of the same domain of knowledge,
each intertwined with the other.
Interdisciplinary studies reflect,
the interconnectedness of different domains of knowledge.
The eight rases mirror the whole human reality of experiences,
anger, sorrow, fear, love, wonder, humour, heroism,
alike the jewels of indras net.
The architecture, the infrastructure we build aligns with our cosmic goals,
we invoke the intention, the quality, it is meant to be.
Bandhu or friendship is the interconnectedness, between the whole universe and the individual consciousness.
Explore the reality underneath the appearances, and appreciate relationships in seemingly unrelated phenomena.
The whole system is under flux,
we as individual is in state of flux ever changing ,
So is the whole infinite cosmos in flux.
Perceive how the pandemic has brought the whole world under one umbrella,
The interconnectedness of us all.., understand the hidden message of universe.
Nothing and nobody is isolated, indras net is a quintessential metaphor, that shows how everything exists in mutual
causation with everything.
The cosmos is a self creating, self maintaining,
self defining organism.
Indeed love one’s neighbour, when you realise he is none other than you itself.
The quantum entanglement, the chaos theory,
the fractals of modern era reflects this fundamental thought
which originated in the Atharva vedas.
The universe is indeed a hologram.
The cause and effect are inseparable.
Sustainability is a matter of interdependence.
India whose root is in this basic principle
is a diverse thriving ecosystem.
The modern internet reflect the indras net,
when one ecosystem in the world is affected,
it spreads rapidly affecting others.
To combat global warming, the thrust in renewables,
Indias pioneering effort in this direction,
it’s massive role in the pandemic for innovation,
benefitted the world population.
“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, the whole world is one family,
is the essence of Indian culture,
as it knows that we are all but jewels in the Indras infinite net.
In this 75th year of Independence,
let us spread this strong message of our Vedic rishis,
that In Dependence and Inter Dependence,
we thrive, we sustain our environment, our ecosystem.
Independence, freedom, to move in the positive direction,
will affect one and all positively,
misuse of this powerful freewill of freedom,
will bring disaster, and none can escape,
including the one who is initiating,
as is the simultaneous cause and effect phenomena of Indras net.
So in this 75th year of Independence of our country,
let’s spread the concept in which we are rooted,
Nature rejoices In Dependence when we take
responsibility of our Independence.
As In Dependence, lies our Independence,
as we are all jewels in the Infinite Indras net.





Guru is not a person, but presence,
Guru is a tattva, principle,
the momentum of universal intelligence,
the grace, that guides the universe and is subtle.
Guru is one who dispels the darkness,
Guru’s grace may come in mysterious ways,
when you are pushed to the abyss,
everything becomes blurred, a vision appears.
A light may shine in that depth of darkness and chasm,
fear not when life gives you sudden dismal hassle,
for the night is darkest just before the break of dawn,
and the grace can pull you up and show you a new morn.
Guru is present always and the grace is flowing incessantly,
but to receive the grace, a preparedness is must,
as when the soil is ready, a seed planted will be growing steadily,
purify the mind and, be open as a blank book,
a perfect receptacle to receive the ambrosia of grace of Guru.
Guru is one who connects you to the light within,
He is the one who shows you to live from the essence of your own being,
A Guru is not a person, but an enlightened being.
who connects you to the universal flow,
connect and feel the grace in life glow.


The Grand Orchestra of Nature


As sultry summer June evenings,
gives way to southwest monsoon strings,
wind blows, thunder rumbles, lightning streaks,
in the firmament, nature changes mood.
The petrichor emanating from the first drops of rain,
in the thirsty parched earth, is itself a mirth.
The dark clouds float, rumbles, drizzles, mizzles, deluges,
drenching trees, quenching thirst, verdant valleys gleam.
Children play in the first shower of rain,
floating paper boats in puddles,
a gaggle of geese lost their way, in muddle,
the frog croaks, call mate, slithers peep-through holes.
No one can fathom the delight of farmers,
as the showers of bliss fills paddy fields,
creeks, streams and rivers, rejoice in fervour,
the verdurous paddy fields are delightful wonder.
Variety of migratory birdies, chirping in merry,
croaking of frogs, and drizzling, mizzling drops,
frizzling chicken in kitchen, lovers sizzling kisses,
orchestrated in rain, O monsoon you herald happiness.


Copyright @ Arundhati Mukherjee

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