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Poetry for Peace: Kaberi Mukherjee

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Poetry for Peace: Kaberi Mukherjee

Kaberi Mukherjee

Potion Of Peace

O’ Goddess of peace
Let this carnage and bloodbath seize.
The freshly bloomed are in trouble,
The dawns break upon piles of rubble
They aren’t awakened by chirping of birds
But the sounds of missiles and blasts.
Corpses of men young and old
Bloodstained roads, devastating households
Amity lies diseased in some unknown way
Humanity lost in unfathomable cell.

O’Goddess! descend to this land of mine
Sway your magic spectre one more time
Propagate the panacea of love to every heart
Induce empathy and benevolence with a dart
Let your cornucopia flow with
Abundance of camaraderie and compassion
Let the human race drink the potion of peace
From your rhyton.

O’ Eirene! Daughter of Zeus and Themis
Let not tomorrow’s sunrise upon those debris
Enough of hatred and avarice our generations have seen
Abolish the anguish from their core
Let their Iives be genuine.

©Kaberi Mukherjee

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