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Daily Selected Poems: Nguyen Chinh

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Daily Selected Poems: Nguyen Chinh


The below story is about a girl, you know
Worthy for the youthful age to follow
Success is not just a dream, no action
Or is it only your dreamy affection?
Orphaned dad after her mom gave birth, soon
When growing up, she couldn’t go to school
She had to support herself to make a living
Her sick mother, she was also supporting
Overcoming suffering and guilt, she never blamed
Her orphan destiny or any scenes all the same
She both worked and studied with passions
She was trying to complete life’s ambitions
After many days of hard work, later soon
She was still determined to go to school
Achievements from learning to advance
Partially satisfied with her perseverance
No one taught her how to success
She had made up her mind indeed
Now she was a college student, you see
In the fourth year of medical university
Hearing a good example I went to find her
To know more about her life as people rumor
The so old hut of gratitude was her house
A bed put at the house center, you know
Scraps were scattered all over the place
Aluminium cans, plastic bottles, nylon bags
Cardboard, shredded paper, torn clothes
Piles of glass bottles around a dark house
On the yard, scraps have lied every corner
Masses of metal, glass, broken furniture
It was like a small barn of a buyer
A woman stood with a slim figure
Greeting the woman, I talked about my visiting
She was very happy to know my volunteering
She called her girl who was doing laundry
Her girl was very glad to go and meet me
“Dear Miss, thank you for your visiting
Asking me about my poor family living
So sorry, I hope you forgive me willingly
Come in, I tell you about my life, please”
In the early winter, the freezing cold wind
I looked at her family more or less I sighed
I feel mercy for their living situation
They live in poverty with all affection
The girl had a small slender body
With her brown skin, dark slightly
It was still hidden in her eyes the sadness
She introduced her name, she was excited
“My name is Thao, from my youthful age
Orphaned, I didn’t know my dad indeed
My dad lost while I was in my mom’s womb
Many unfortunate days passed in random
Surrounded my child’s life, my mom’s scene too
Many Tet holidays have passed? That was true
With frugal meals for passing the days
Memories of years were hard to erase
I saw her mom was always silent here
To listen to her girl say, she shed tears
Growing up, she knew no father, actually
Understood, she settled down her destiny
Since then sadness persisted constantly
It kept chasing to cause family poverty
Life still lacked food with a sick mother
My mom has wanted to sacrifice ever
I am still so young she thinks again
If she dies no one solves the remain
She has to try to live in vain actually
Where is money to cure her disease?
She has both lung disease, also spinal pain
To escape the hard burden I have to gain
Though I’m young, I try to be a good doer
As a hired worker instead of my mother
Although her health is getting worse
But she still helps me to do whatever
She collects scraps around near areas
To take part in daily living expenditure”
I asked: “Was there anyone to help your study
You dare take an exam at the medical university
“Dear Miss, first I thought about my mother
My knowledge will help me save my mother
I must help others after I’ll escape poverty
They have no suffering as my life, you see
Many difficulties are daily meals as ever
There is also a thing that is often scarier
To make people misery is a disease
It begins first from a lack of priority
A life is lacked capital, two hands empty
Lacked profession, it will be hard to fully
Although such a difficult situation
I determine to pursue a profession
It’s good to hope my graduation truly
Helping life is also helping my family.
From those thoughts being always right
I both work and learn at the same time
I have a calm heart in a simple life as ever
Graduated baccalaureate with superior
A full scholarship I was obtained truly
Seven years I go to a medical university
I wish a good skill and medical ethics
Well deserved for the contest indeed
I’ll continue the path I have chosen
Troubles and sufferings will be faden”
“Now the fifth year is coming near
What do you prepare for next year?
“Dear Miss, I know a lot of worries
I still wait with determination really
I will make this dream come true
My heart is filled with a fun clue”
“On graduation day you are a doctor
For your life, whatever is more honor
From a miserable family, you endure
I wish you to advance, I trust insure
Visiting you, I have some gifts available
To praise you’ve done a nice example
Today’s youthful age should learn
To create fame due to resilience”
“I thank you for your compassion generosity
For future, you motivate and encourage me
I always strive for my dream to accomplish
I will never disappoint you with this wish.”




The true story about a woman
She lived with domestic violence
She was still silent in eight bitter years
The ending is so good for you to hear
Millions of people live so every year
In this world, they have to suffer
In the prison of violence, you know
In a family with regrets and sorrows
Is it possible not to shed tears?
I feel sorry for a girl of fifteen years
Marrying too early is immature
Silently to endure for eight years
Here below are the lines to confide
Her fate being born a matron life
At the age of twenty-eight years, she must
Spend two marriage it was painful as such
“After divorcing my ex-husband, so
I lived alone with my girl, you know
She was too young I took care of her
I must work to nourish my daughter
I was still optimistic and positive
I believe in myself, never negative
I thought good things will be coming
I don’t think my life was depressing
I met another man at a wedding
I first met him, I wasn’t expecting
He was my old friend, now elegant
I didn’t like him before, this man
I didn’t like him at all but at the chance
Though I didn’t really care about this man
Both parents knew each other before
For a long time I didn’t see him, oh, Lord
He invited me to his birthday party
That day full of old friends, you see
Maybe I was the only woman
He loved, adored, and concerned
Probably subjective I thought so as ever
He fast created for me an atmosphere
Very intimate moments, you see
I felt extremely warm inside me
I felt as I was protected, you know
No woman who did not want so
Having such a delicate man indeed
To share sadness and happiness
Then the two of us moved resident place
To live together, marriage was taken place
I gave birth to another son with a hope
I hoped this time would be full of love
I didn’t expect what was happening
At first, he required my answering
Whenever I went to the market
My daily work to get out indeed
I prepared to go somewhere truly
To meet friends, he was in jealousy
He loved so much that he went blind
Angry like a madman I could find
I sympathized with him for his temper
I was always patient to let it go as ever
Unexpectedly, he was getting worse
Our family life hadn’t any pleasure
There was no good reason, you see
Naturally, he always suspected me
He tried to do shopping but sometimes
He let my children starve he didn’t mind
Wasn’t he the one who lost his mind?
Anyway, it would have to take time
If he was really mentally ill, I was waiting
I couldn’t blame him, needing healing
Luckily, I had help in the neighborhood
The supporter lent me money to buy food
Time gradually passed over, I couldn’t bear
Debt piled up, I had to go to work than ever
He started to use his force as his blows
To keep me in detention, not let me go
To beat on my chest or press down me
With a knife to threaten, he slapped me
He humiliated me as a matron
This thing hurt me, pain went on
I protected family to avoid breaking
Because of children, I was thinking
Neighbors advised me to quit him
Not to continue to stay with him
I remembered another contrary advice
So I didn’t dare to leave my present life
Then I bound myself too as ever
Hesitation lasted for eight years
A so painful thing was my son’s witness
He learned his dad’s force more or less
Not only he was more difficult to teach
But he was impolite with adults indeed
I asked Women Union for advice, you see
A right away divorce they advised me
The reason was also many cases
They advised keeping the family
This was eight years of injustice enough
I must get a divorce, quit rightless love
Her require finally reached the court
Some documents needed to add more
About the abuse, it was as evidence
To denote silly stupid man violence
As for me, I also found myself stupid
To withstand so many blows indeed
Not brave enough to see the truth ever
To make a decision, sooner was better
Asian women often care to appear
Fear to expose the back for viewers
Also according to feudal customs
To endure violence so tiresome
Men and women equality is liberated
You must know what and how to treat
To keep happiness without slavery
Domestic violence can’t be agreed
Copyright@ Nguyen Chinh
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