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Daily Selected Poems : Rodolfo Nario

Rodolfo Nario   |   Tuesday, 06 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Rodolfo Nario

Rodolfo Nario

Human roses


We can attribute to some things perfection,
the one we sometimes search for in nature,
in the idealization of the person we love,
or in the utopia that drives our head crazy,
But excellence is found in the mind,
in what we need to find happiness;
but I have certainty that nothing is perfect…
even human virtue flows from its own imperfection.

The gods who created us have right and wrong,
We have been shown paths that we have not traveled,
and other prophets have led us to the wrong end;
it all depends on the goal we have lubricated,
of the aspirations of each human being,
who can come as Cain to kill a brother;
For the shadows we have are beasts to contain…
knowing in advance what we aspire to be.

Cove the beauty of a rose ignoring thorns,
is to suffer the black blindness of supine ignorance,
with our back on the ground admiring the blue,
without realizing the edge that penetrates and hurts us;
if we want to possess a flower of perfect beauty,
We will only enter the impossible utopia;
will be just an illusion we will take as certainty…
ignoring the danger of collapse of our strength.


Rodolfo Nario

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Posted 4:31 pm | Tuesday, 06 July 2021

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