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Poetry for Peace: Ada Steko

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Poetry for Peace: Ada Steko

Second world


The sun is shining in my sky
every day awakens with joy,
you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to
You have bread, and there is no famine.

Oh look the plane is flying up
the children wave happily to him
and you admire the miracle of technology
but not everyone has it that way

Somewhere out there in the Middle East
it’s so far you can’t see
people when they hear the noise in the sky
they fall in spirit to the ground

Children in distress lose their mothers,
fathers are asking on their knees,
that God would roll up heaven all over
and covered all the earth with black.

There for many years without joy,
every morning, every evening
without bread, water and love,
to the hunger of many doomed.

A furious bomb exploded again
it was yesterday, it will be tomorrow
father found his child,
someone cut his head off for a joke.

Everyone calls out to his God
and the greatest God of everyone,
and brother kills his brother,
for this is how faith punishes him.

Under the ruins, on the ruins,
what collapsed with a big bang,
human corpses are sitting or lying,
as if staring at the sky.

prayers flow out of their mouths,
blood red and strength of spirit,
as if they had fixed their eyes to heaven
believing that the world is about to change.


Copyright@Ada Steko

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