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Poet of the Day : Nardine Sanderson

Nardine Sanderson   |   Tuesday, 01 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Nardine Sanderson

Nardine Sanderson


Nardine Sanderson

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9th April 2021 and 14th July 2021

The weight of gold

Love is often beyond my expression, past the point of how to exclaim, written in the vices of no ordinary flame, it holds great value more than I could truly address, I’ve come to nurture it as so often I confess, that it becomes a hunger that needless food could not survive, but a deep expression of interest where the hearts contest and so survive,
it’s a point of ability to see beyond, and develop the same, the burning of a love that seeks the brightest of a flame, so no amount of darkness nor suffering could ever part, where it does dwell, a part of love that lives forever in this life beyond as well, the amount of love within could never verify because it has no end, it carries on when we all die, in a lover, kin or a friend,
And so it moves the mountains, it crosses the widest seas, it manages to speak a language beyond what we all see, the ability to connect in values not of our natural plain, into the depths of love abound us in a valid point of gain, to become what we all cherish, Something grandeur of light betold, it doesn’t age of severing it’s stronger and it’s bold, love of any value weighs, more insightful than, the weight of gold, more than anything in this life, so I may have told.


In the midst of love

If I had known that you would die, and leave behind a life And I
Would you have found a resting place, in my arms as deaths embrace
I could not console your leaving breath, in any form like angels could
But love enough to immortalise love as lovers ever could
I wonder what you’ll feel at the moment that I leave,
my heart was broken unwilling to believe, that death could part our longing desire
Yet still, burn the flesh like fire,
your hands are gone, your face and eyes
I cannot fathom yet the skies,
But fold my secret place of love, confined by soul to you above,
In places kept sacred as the sands of time, and let you know I love you still in silly rhyme,
for days and nights without you near, would suffer most a graceful tear,
Only to speak another language known, as beautiful as yours and mine own
If I had known that you would die, and leave behind a life And I
Would you have found a resting place, in my arms as deaths embrace
Shall I dress according, white lace and ruby smile, you made the darkness fade away and forever light the while,
what comes as a delicate dream, To be of love where Angel’s gleam, to fly the firmament clouds above, all in all, I do for love
Where the waves coexist with the presence of the sea…
Had I not drowned, to rescue thee,
My loved arms surrounded in depths, where darkness worn by angels wept
An embrace that lips
of eternity lie, enclosed by essence of the sky
A place for you to have your heart and keep the moments full of flames
To watch the birds upon the winds, and hollow tree’s
Foretell their names
In love sweetness and desire
Let not the oceans cease
The fire
But burn the nights with sunset skies, and new dreams from heavens eyes
To the earth one’s love enclosed would due, a tender rose of love to view
And time may seed the likeness fair, as sentiments of you would fill the air,
I cannot go where light travels
Although I feel it deep inside
And only when I travel light then I’ll know I’ve died,
I could not console his agony
Nor tend his needed cry
I was not there to comfort him
Or hold his hand as he did die
Time reminds me every day
Not only is his embrace With heaven above
But the binding of our hearts lives on, forever in the midst of love.


Copyrihgt@Nardine Sanderson


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