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Happy Birthday: Lily Swarn

Lily Swarn   |   Wednesday, 24 November 2021 | Print

Happy Birthday: Lily Swarn

Lily Swarn

Happy Birthday Dear Poet, Lily Swarn

Best wishes from the GPP team


Poems by Lily Swarn


My Anointed Soul

You decided to widen the chasm
Little realising that absence fuels yearning
You walked in and out on soft soled feet
In and out of the precarious mountain paths of the heart
You were no Billy goat in the children’s story book
You slipped and fell
Your subconscious was listening to a primordial raaga
That had my song engraved on the flutes of your being
You trudged back doggedly
Without letting yourself know
Only the November roses knew
As they fearlessly perfumed my anointed soul

The Glow

Have you ever noticed the glow
Coruscating from a woman’s face
When she knows that she is loved ?
It’s a special luminosity that beams
In clouds of divine rays from her skin
Suffusing all she surveys with the misty haze
Of a million fireflies
She’s all lit up like a row of clay lamps
Sitting cosily on mud plastered walls
In the dignified havelis of yore
The day before Diwali fireworks !
Her dazzling flame proclaiming to the world
That she is cherished and loved
Love,like an exotic, oriental ittar
Difficult to hide or to suppress
It wafts and flutters valiantly
Without a ghunghat or a chilman
Copyright@Lily Swarn

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