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Shuchi Patra


Shuchi Patra

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21st May 2021

An emotional fool..

An emotional fool she is…
Heart as soft and fragile as flower petals..
Fragrance so divine and loving..
Infusing warmth, good cheer around..
Creating ripples of joy,
hope and enthusiasm in every heart she touches…
Her two pools Of eyes dreamy yet rooted in reality..
They are overflowing with pure heartfelt love,
compassion and affection…
Wanting to share the pain and hurts of others…
Her heart, stolen by her prince…belongs only to him
except for some small wee corners left ….
People cross paths…befriend her…
Are they an illusion?
Do their hearts feel and care or they lie?
She connects with so much care, dedication
and genuine fondness…
Getting emotionally attached to some occupants..
More to special ones who with or without reason
try to steal the corners…
But why do they hurt her so much,
Why do they not care as much as she does,
and fail to fathom the depths of her feelings, make her end up …
In tears …
No doubt she is such an emotional fool!


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Posted 6:08 pm | Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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