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Daily Selected Poems : Marivic Nemi

Marivic Nemi   |   Sunday, 10 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Marivic Nemi

Marivic Nemi

Marivic Nemi

Cosmic pattern
reflects on the contents of mind
embarking for the next move
ignoring petty squabbling
mellow in crying clouds
allow thunder to be in favor
vigilant eyes paint the sky
an awake heart serve as
candle in the dark



Mutual Concern


Celebrate extra celebration by adding
sweet smile -contagious to anyone’s heart.,
Create double vibes by removing hatred and
envy – key for lasting beauty,
Magnify tiny pieces of arrogance by reflection of
water -droplets may low sounding of bombast,
Purify mind and deeds by occupying good wishes
toward the changes – interacting into the law of nature,
Instigate virtue-loving by sincere approach
of being human – repress animal instinct,
Liaising mutual concern by goodwills
-shaping foursquare.,
Smashed violent supposition by Germ-free
-give a blow as regular tidiness.,
Lay hold of self-affirmation even in a certain
sense of stamina
– hopes and foundation for those who despair.


Copyright@Marivic Nemi

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Posted 1:00 pm | Sunday, 10 October 2021

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