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Sharmila Shrestha

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Sharmila Shrestha

Sharmila Shrestha

Father of the Nation


I learned from you to light myself
Matchsticks were made all over Bangladesh
You lit the lamp of freedom
You sacrificed your life
With independence, the society became free from anyone’s rule, Bangladesh!
If a son like you had not been born on this earth, he would probably have remained dependent
Your sacrifice and hard work will help you
Known as “Bangabandhu”!
Oh, Father of the Nation! You will remain in the heart of Bangladeshis for thousands of years
The pain of losing you at a young age in the clutches of enemies is always shocking
Will continue to make
All over the world, you will shine in the name of the “Father of the Nation “of Bangladesh
May your soul dwells in heaven
May your rebirth also bring the path of liberation from oppression
A heartfelt tribute to you on the occasion of your hundreds of birthdays!


Come back mom

An agitated mind, an agitated heart
Shredding is different
I like to turn the pages of remembrance
Do you always find it somewhere?
Affection’s, moral and sympathy
Blessings of priceless words
Lots of unmatched messages from Trade!

My mother used to say!
When I will not live in this world
Who gave the reservation?
Including my life and my experience
The layers of culture
Fill your children too
Education will be successful!

What can I do?
All of these are perishable
My mother was not there
Neither mine nor yours will remain
But the rites will live forever!

I used to feel like I was a girl
She explained
Like a son, so is a daughter!
Is the child any different?
Why have you been using this ritual for centuries?
It is true to give another’s house, to keep it like a slave
It always strikes me too!

But times are slowly changing, baby!
Educated women are taking care of themselves
You don’t have to depend on your husband
Domestic life is a worldly way
It is impossible for a woman to have sex with a man,

The root of the problem is illiteracy, ignorance
Even if the daughter is educated
How about decorating someone else’s house?
Society is plagued by these truths
But I want an educated daughter-in-law
You can point out this difference!

And saying !! Pride never makes you proud of being perfect
And never be loose
You have to listen to the elders
Because they are experienced!

Women have never been safe
Because of the physical structure
There is always the fear of weakness
But to adopt self-tolerance
Not to be superficial
But you should be able to oppose the oppression!

You will have all-round respect
Giddy eyes can not touch
They will be frightened if they do
After every step!
To be fearless, to be self-sufficient
Girl chield must be a fighter for injustice!

To stand in front of the poor as a shield of misery
So that you have the courage to retaliate
Let’s meet
Power will come to you in the coming days!
Nani should be able to do something with human life!

Laughing! Stepping on the back
Feelings of loving vibration remain fresh and tender even today
Turning the pages of remembrance !!

Mother! Where r u
Surely you are in the heart of the poor
It is included in the ruling class
Injustice, tyranny, corruption
Ku is looking at the culture inconsistency
Come on mom !!
Born again on this earth
Became a source of inspiration for helpless children
The eyes of guidance became
I am waiting, mother! Let’s take care

Two hands joined
Mother, please come back
Please come back!!!
Come back mom


All rights reserve © Poet Sharmila Shrestha

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