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Poet of the Day : Eric Aguilar

Eric Aguilar   |   Sunday, 04 July 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Eric Aguilar

Eric Aguilar


Eric Aguilar

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3rh June 2021

Adam’s Ale

In the lands wander,
it is the sound that calls
refreshment to the flesh.
From afar, the waters whisper.
Your ears tell your eyes that
the mirage is true.
Vein running of life
vital to survive
but, is of insatiable desire.
“If thy might have but,
one more drink?”
In finding water, go
the least path of resistance.
Your reflection is seen
when bowing to its cup.
When you sustain your life,
you contemplate your existence.
“Who am I and why do I exist?”
You always return to your reflection.
Its purpose serving growth.
As the waters whisper turns to a roar,
you respectfully step back,
watching its propulsion eat away rock.
As you wander along its shore,
you find a gentle waterfall
and let the silken water wash over you;
conditioning of the bones marrow.


Copyright@ Eric Aguilar





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Posted 5:54 pm | Sunday, 04 July 2021

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